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NOKL Maxi-III NOKL ex-Rabanco Maxi-Stack III
Set 1 #211101, Set 2 #211102, $94.95 each

Northwestern Oklahoma Railroad Co. (NOKL reporting marks) is a shortline railroad operating in Woodward, Oklahoma. It provides switching services for industrial customers and interchanges with the BNSF Railway. These Maxi-IIIs were owned by Rabanco, a regional waste service company operating intermodal waste trains. The cars were patched and the NOKL reporting marks were added.
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BNSF ex-BN America Maxi-Stack III
Set 1 #210901, Set 2 #210902, $94.95 each

BNSF inherited Gunderson Maxi-Stack III's from both of its chief predecessors, Santa Fe and Burlington Northern. These former BN cars, both carrying the large BN "wrenches" logo, have been renumbered BNSF with the use of a BNSF Mineral Red patch and new white numbers. Originally built to concentrate on domestic container service, the move toward 53' domestic containers and a huge increase in international container traffic has led BNSF's Maxi-IIIs to see more use in international stack train service in recent years.
Triple Crown 10,000th RoadRailer Trailer "10,000 and Counting" Triple Crown RoadRailer Trailer #290501, $19.95 each
This is the 10,000th DuraPlate RoadRailer Trailer. It was delivered to Amtrak and was acquired by Triple Crown Services with the rest of the Amtrak fleet. We released the Amtrak version a few years ago as item #290201.
Burlington Route Gold 40' Boxcar Burlington Route Gold 40' Boxcar without Roofwalk
Single #130701 $19.95, 2-Pack #130702, $39.90

In 1966 the Burlington won the Railway Progress Institute's Golden Freight Car Award. To commemorate the event, in December 1966 the Havelock shops painted one day's output of overhauled XM-32 boxcars in gold with black lettering. Eight cars received this eye-catching scheme. There are 3 road numbers in this run.
Click for larger image Dairy Land Power (DAPX) Twin Tub
Single #122501 $14.95, 2-Pack #122502 $29.90,
3-Pack #122503 $44.85, 6-Pack #122506 $89.70

Dairy Land Power is a Wisconsin based utility company. Like many utilities, DP purchased thier own fleet of coal gondolas so they wouldn't have to rely on the railroads for a steady supply of empties. Dairy Land Power purchased silver CoalPorters from Johnstown America and black CoalVeyors from ACF (available in N Scale from Atlas.) Both fleets are intermixed freely, leading to less than uniform coal trains.
BN 2-Bay Single BN 2-Bay Covered Hopper
Single #73811 $18.95, 3-Pack #73913 $56.85

These 1958 cubic foot covered hoppers were built in 1949 and made their way to the Burlington Northern via the Great Northern. The yellow dot in the black square was known as a U-1 Inspection Dot, and noted that the car had approved wheels, a practice deemed necessary by the FRA due to failing 33 inch wheels from a particular manufacturer. This run includes 4 different road numbers.
Sinotrans 45' Corrugated Container 2-Pack #6150, $12.95 each
Sinotrans Shipping Limited of Hong Kong is one of China’s largest dry bulk shipping companies. With a self owned fleet of containers and vessels Sinotrans offers a wide variety of domestic and international shipping services. These 45 ft containers display the company’s eye catching logo.
107 Sanding Tower Kit #107 $24.95
This is a laser cut wood and cast metal kit designed and produced for us by the N Scale Architect. The kit doesn't include a covered hopper car but our covered hopper runs often include a sand service hopper to park on your sand service track. The kit includes a cast metal sand column, laser cut pump/drying house, valve and wire for piping. Step-by-step assembly instructions included.
Conrail Mercury 48' Container-both sides Conrail Mercury 48' Smooth Side 2-Pack
Made in U.S.A. #8061 - $18.95

This is our third run of these domestic dry boxes and they're also a perfect fit in the lower position of our Maxi-IIIs. Conrail was the largest intermodal carrier in the United States by the mid-80s. Mercury Service was started in 1989, specializing in door-to-door and customized service for the U. S. Postal Service using dedicated trailers and containers. These 48' domestic "dry boxes" were the first step in higher capacity containers in the competitive domestic shipping market.
COSCO 20' Reefer Container COSCO 20' Refrigerated Container 2-Pack #30051 - $13.95
China Ocean Shipping Company was founded in 1961 in Beijing, China and began shipping cargo in intermodal containers in 1978. COSCO has grown into a worldwide provider of container services, including investments in shipping container manufacturer China International Marine Container Co. (CIMC) and shipbuilding and repair businesses. The COSCO panda has been used for many years, he replaced the earlier COSCO dolphin.

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