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T.A.Q. (Tack) Board - Typically Asked Questions

Answers to Typically Asked Questions
This is our version of FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What is a "tack board"?
A: A tack board is a board attached to boxcar, usually on the door, where notes are tacked up for the crew.

Q: I'm having trouble finding DeLuxe freight car storage boxes, do you still make them?
A: Yes, the storage boxes are supposed to be an "in stock" item, meaning we have them all the time. Unfortunately, we had to change vendors and are basically starting form the ground up with a new UnitPak line of storage boxes. The FreightPak (formerly UnitPak)and TrailerPak boxes should be back in stock later this year (2013) but the PassengerPak and RackPak, for Auto-Racks, are expected at a future date as we are redesigning them to use the same foam insert.

Q: Can I convert my Maxi-Stack III's to Micro-Trains Line Trucks?
A: You cannot replace the stock trucks with Micro-Trains Line trucks. Maxi-Stacks are designed for only a truck with a centered bolster and all Micro-Trains Line trucks have an offset bolster. The wheels may contact the containers in the wells if you do change over.

Q: I like metal wheels, what should I use on my Maxi-Stack III?
A: If you prefer metal wheels, replace the stock plastic ones with your choice of metal wheels with Atlas axle lengths. The Maxi III uses 33 inch wheels. Please note that the trucks pins are specially made and longer than a standard truck pin. Be careful when removing them.

Q: Can I split up my Maxi III wells to transport them?
A: We recommend against separating the wells of Maxi-IIIs (and Twin Stacks) for storage or transport. The pressure fit of the truck pin in the articulators will be degraded quickly. You also risk damaging the etched metal parts, and the articulators, each time you break up the set or re-connect it. The blister pack that we ship them in designed to store and transport the set intact. We are planning a retro-fit kit that will allow you to easily

Q: What is the minimum radius I can run my RoadRailer train on?
A: Our RoadRailer trailers are tested down to an 11 inch minimum radius though some binding of the CouplerMate may still occur. A 12 inch minimum radius is recommended. Click this link for RoadRailer Instructions*.

Q: What's the easiest way to find announcements or arrivals for each month?
A: Click here for a chronological listing of Announcements and Arrivals pages.

Q: My RoadRailer Trailers are missing some parts, can I get replacements?
A: Some of the detail part sprues were left out of the box by the factory from our Triple Crown ex-CN and Swift RoadRailer Trailers, both the singles and 6-packs. Send us your address and note which item you bought and we'll send you the parts. The parts are available for a small charge, plus mailing, if yours have "gone missing" over time.

Q: I lost my reefer unit installation instructions, can I get a copy?
A: Yes, you can get a copy by clicking this link: Container Reefer Unit Installation

Q: I want to convert an older woodchip car to Micro-Trains® Line body-mounted couplers. How can I do that?
A: Click here for instructions for converting early wood chip cars to MTL's*.

Q: There are a lot of web pages that do not seem to be up to date. What's the story?
A: While you are browsing our site, you'll find our newer pages all have a "sidebar" color. Please note that if you find yourself on a page without any "sidebars" they may be out of date. If they are displaying the green and pink "deLuxe Burbank" logo or still have a light blue background, they definitely have old content dating back to the "Burbank Era." There are literally hundreds of pages to update, but we're working on it!

Q: I think I have 2 different container sets with the same item number. Is that possible?
A: Yes, there is an item number that was assigned to a production run and a special run. Click here to find out about "The mystery of item number 5350".

Q: I want DeLuxe to make a particular paint scheme. Can you make it?
A: We are always looking for photos of new paint schemes on our body styles. Send your photos to us, if we use them we'll send you a car! Click here to ask for a new product.

Q: I am looking for information on a DeLuxe product, where can I find it?
A: If you have a question about a DeLuxe product, check our downloads page and if you don't find what you're looking for then contact us with your question.

Q: Where can I buy DeLuxe products?
A: DeLuxe products are available from our network of direct dealers and from dealers who buy from distributors we sell to. Click this link to Find a Dealer.We also sell directly to consumers if you are unable to find a dealer in your area.

Q: Is there a way I can find out when some of the runs DeLuxe announced in the past will be coming?
A: Yes, click this link to check out our Reservation Order Form which lists all the items in our production pipeline with expected shipping dates. Items are added to this list after the monthly order form's Guaranteed Order Date.

Q: How can I find out what's in stock at DeLuxe?
A: There is an In-Stock Order Form to see all the items we have in the warehouse now. PDF and Excel versions are available. Just because we don't show an item as in stock doesn't mean you won't be able to find an item at a dealer.

Q: Does DeLuxe sell repair parts or detail sets?
A: Yes, we have a full line of replacement parts and details, download our Parts and Accessories Order Form for a full list.

Q: It sounds like the weight(s) is loose inside my DeLuxe boxcar. How can I fix that?
A: The weights are glued to the floor. Rough handling or dropping the car can result in the weights coming unglued. To re-glue the weights in place, carefully remove the floor, be extra careful not to damage the undercarriage detail or stirrups. Also, don't pry the body off near the door, they are separate parts and the frame below the door is very thin and fragile. There are small cradles at each end of the floor that the weights rest in. Epoxy or hot glue is best but you can also use Goo or white glue. CA doesn't work as well as these other glues. Glue the weight(s) back into the cradle in the floor then put the body back on. It should tightly press-fit into place.

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