About DeLuxe Innovations
Our History and Operations
DeLuxe Innovations is a "wholesale manufacturer" of model trains. We manufacture scale replica train models and sell them to hobby shops and distributors worldwide. 2008 marked the 15 year anniversary of DeLuxe Innovations brand trains. There are over 25 body styles in our product line and all of the cars in our single and multi-car packs have different road numbers. DeLuxe Innovations, Inc. is owned by Dave Ferrari, founder of Squeak N Products, and is located at 140 Greenwood Avenue Suite 2A, Midland Park, NJ 07432-1462, just accross the street from the NYS&W tracks and next to Parisi's Sports Club. When Dave purchased the business it was located in Burbank, California which would have been a bit of a long commute so the move to the East Coast was planned. Our first East Coast location was in Whippany, NJ along the Whippany River. During Hurricane Irene in August 2011, the river ran through our facility - 2 feet deep! - and we were forced to move.

A model of the container we moved in

All of DeLuxe was packed inside the prototype of this container for the move to New Jersey. This model was released as a rare single (item #13021) since we only used one container to move. It is now sold out.

We post our new product announcements on our website about the third week of each month that we make announcements, now about every other month, and product arrivals (releases) as they are shipped. We also post announcements on selected model railroad forums to get the news out. To support our sales effort we advertise in magazines and attend trade shows. We are members of key modeler and manufacturer organizations and we attend several major trade and train shows each year. You can also follow us on Twitter.

DeLuxe Factory Production Line We are a hybrid manufacturer of sorts. Our plastic bodies and etched metal parts are made both here in the U.S. and in China. Most of our products are decorated, assembled and packaged in China. We have a lead-free conformity letter from the factory in China. All of our older products have a warning that they are not intended for children under 8. The recent problems and recalls have resulted in new requirements by our govenment, and a more stringent requirement by the Chinese government, that all of our products carry a warning that they are not intended for children under age 14 before they will be released for export to the U.S. Our cast resin products and laser cut wood kits are made here in the U.S.

The business was started in 1993 by George Johnsen and Roberta Liebreich in Burbank, California. They had a philosophy that just wouldn't allow using a coal car as a "stand in" for a woodchip car, or printing any and all boxcar paint schemes on a PS-1. Starting with the release of the first ever etched metal parts for a ready to run car (1994's Twinstack's metal walkways) through the full dimension underframe and etched metal roofwalk (1996's 1944 AAR Boxcar) to the challenging RoadRailer system (2000), our products have been accurate to target the modeler or enthusiast.

DeLuxe Innovations is a Member of the Hobby Manufacturers Association

We are listed on the Morris County Business List because of our previous location.

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