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January 2009 New N Scale Products from DeLuxe Innovations
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#140811 Lehigh Valley 40' Boxcar
Single #140811, 2-Pack #140812, 3-Pack #140813, Prices TBA

These boxcars are brown with white printing and the black diamond herald. There are 6 different road numbers in this run.
#75111 Ann Arbor Vintage by DeLuxe 2-Bay Covered Hopper
Single #75111, 2-Pack #75112, 3-Pack #75113, Prices TBA

This is our first run of Ann Arbor covered hoppers. They will be gray with black printing and have the split A herald. There are 6 different road numbers in this run.
#100711 Western Pacific Deep Rib Woodchip Gondola
Single #100711 $19.95, 3-Pack #100713 $59.85

There are 4 different road numbers in our second run of this road name. The single duplicates a car number from the 6-pack in our first run - Western Pacific only had ten of these cars and now we've done them all!
#211401 Trailer Train BN Twinpack Maxi-Stack III
Set 1 #211401, Set 2 #211402, $99.95 each

These Trailer Train BN Twin-Pack Maxi IIIs have TTX reporting marks and the BN Twin-Pack logo. Model a later era? Patch out the Twin-Pack logo, just like the prototype!
#20141 Gold/MSCo 40' Hi-Cube Container 2-Pack #20141 $18.95
MSCo leases these sharp looking containers from Gold Container Corp. and wear "Gold" red paint with a large yellow MSCo logo. These containers really stand out in a tan MSCo train. These containers will be made entirely in the U.S.A. from molding to decoration and assembly resulting in a price increase in 2010.
#504041 Genstar 40' Refrigerated Container 5-Pack #504041 Price TBA
This is our second run of Genstar reefer containers, this time in a 5-pack.
#1021 TRAC-Lease 40' Container Chassis 2-Pack #1021 Price TBA
This is the second run of this very popular 40' container chassis 2-pack. TRAC Lease is the chassis management subsidiary of container leasing giant Interpool. They have a fleet of over 200,000 chassis of various lengths. The TRAC Lease fleet is operated separetly from the Interpool container fleet so it is common for other lessor boxes to ride these chassis.
#713611 USA Truck American Highways Trailers, #713611 and #713612, $15.95 Each
USA Truck is a dry van truckload carrier based in Van Buren, AR. They offer general and dedicated freight service as well as trailer-on-flat-car intermodal service.
#351 Armco Ready-To-Place Steel Utility Buildings, $12.95 Each
Yard Office - Gray #301, White #303
Workshop - Gray #351, White #353

This is our second run of Armco buildings. The Yard Office and Workshop are coming painted in gray or white, both have a dark gray roof and doors. They are Ready-To-Place on your layout. We package the door separately in the Workshop so it can be modeled either open or closed.

Guaranteed Orders for the Above Products Due by March 20, 2009
Delivery expected in the 3rd quarter of 2009

Photos of models from previous runs and temporary artwork shown.

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