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February 2009 New N Scale Products from DeLuxe Innovations
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Santa Fe Scout/Map 1944 AAR 40' Boxcar with Roofwalk, Single #143921 $24.95, 2-Pack #143922 $49.90, 3-Pack #143923 $74.85
These cars have The Scout for Economy Travel West slogan on one side and the Santa Fe system map on the other. There are 6 different road numbers in this second run of the series.
Lehigh & New England 2-Bay Covered Hopper
Single #75011 $18.95, 2-Pack #75012 $38.90, 3-Pack #75013 $56.85

This is our first run of Lehigh & New England covered hoppers. They will be gray with the "fried egg herald" and black printing. There are 6 different road numbers in this run. One car will have LNE in billboard lettering and the other 5 cars will have smaller reporting marks. Squeak N Products has commissioned a special run of 2 cars as well, one of each version.
Milwaukee Road Deep Rib Woodchip Gondola, Single #100611 $19.95, 2-Pack #100612 $39.90, 3-Pack #100613 $59.85
There are 6 different road numbers in our second run of MILW woodchip cars. They are brown with white lettering. Note: Prices reduced in 2010.
BNSF "Swoosh" Maxi-Stack III
Set 1 #211501, Set 2 #211502, $99.95 each

Yet another paint scheme variety for BNSF fans. This is our third set of Maxi IIIs with BNSF reporting marks and our first with the "Swoosh" or "Wedge" logo.
U.S. Navy 40' Dual Logo Panel Container 5-Pack #505491 $31.95
We see these moving along the CSX ex-New York Central River Line moving anything the Navy needs moved, except munitions. They can also be sighted onboard Navy ships of course.
Dole 40' Refrigerated Container 5-Pack #504391 $39.95
Dole has been transporting cargo internationally for 3 decades. Developed exclusively for the purpose of delivering Dole's fresh temperature-sensitive cargo, Dole Ocean Cargo Express has since grown with the industry and expanded to handle all types of cargo. There are 5 different container numbers in this pack.
Hanjin Shipping 40' Container Chassis 2-Pack #1111 $22.95
These chassis are assembled, decorated and ready to use in your Intermodal yard. This is our first run of chassis for this very popular shipping line.
Cannon Express 53' American Highways Trailers
#713211 and #713212, $15.95 Each

Cannon Express hailed from Springdale, Arkansas, until they lost several routes on their Wal-Mart contract. These trailers are unique with their Civil War era cannon on the sides.
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New! Construction Equipment (Set 1) 12-Pack #310112
$119.40 per carton ($9.95 each)

We are pleased to be able to offer this set of 12 construction vehicles in various colors. These are made in China by the Japanese company Maruka. They are beautifully made, injection-molded plastic and include vinyl tires and add-on detail parts. Available only in full sets of 12. Click HERE for more information and photos.

Guaranteed Orders for the Above Products Due by April 17, 2009
Delivery expected in the 3rd quarter of 2009

Photos of models from previous runs and temporary artwork shown.

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