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February 2010 New N Scale Products from DeLuxe Innovations
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Desert Storm POW/MIA POW/MIA with "Desert Storm" Service Ribbons Military Honors Series Boxcar #240412 - $34.95
This is our second boxcar honoring POWs and MIAs, the first car had Vietnam service ribbons. This run's car will have service ribbons from Desert Storm aka The First Gulf War. We've assigned road number VA 19901991 which represents the dates of the conflict. Factory-equipped with Micro-Trains LineŽ trucks and couplers.
C&EI Air Raid Boxcar
C&EI "Air Raid" American Homefront Series Boxcar #240671 - $34.95
This run of 40' boxcars in the popular Homefront Series will have the yellow, red and black "Air Raid/ Know the Rules" poster depicting a steam whistle blowing to warn the home front. The car will be brown with white C&EI marks. Factory-equipped with Micro-Trains LineŽ trucks and couplers.
Ex-APL Maxi-III Ex-APL "Patch Job" Maxi-Stack III Container Car, Set 1 #210521, Set 2 #210522 - $99.95 Each
These blue Maxi-IIIs, with the APL logos and reporting marks patched put, will be run along with the second run of APL Maxi-IIIs we announced in November. These cars were patched out and placed in StackTrain service. Set 2 will have yellow conspicuity stripes and Set 1 will not have stripes. Our goal with this run was to save modelers the trouble of patching the APL cars. Be sure to get your reservations in to give us guidance in how much interest there is in each version. Factory equipped with Micro-Trains LineŽ couplers.
CMA CGM 20' Reefer CMA CGM 20' Refrigerated Container* 2-Pack #30081 - $13.95
These containers are white with the world logo in blue and red. CMA CGM was born from the privatization of the French national shipping line CGM and it's immediate purchase by the largest privately held French line CMA in 1996. CMA CGM is now the World's third largest container shipping company and operates a fleet of 350 ships.
Delmas 20' Reefer Delmas 20' Refrigerated Container* 2-Pack #30091 - $13.95
Delmas Shipping, based in Le Havre, France, is a containerized-freight and ro-ro shipping company. It is the largest cargo carrier between European and African ports, its main trade routes, operating a fleet of 49 vessels. In September 2005 the company was sold to CMA CGM.
Genstar 20' Reefer Genstar 20' Refrigerated Container* 2-Pack #30101 - $13.95
Genstar began in the container leasing business in Canada in 1981. In 1986, the leasing company was sold to GE Capital Services who rapidly expanded operations and made Genstar containers a common sight around the world.

Guaranteed Orders for the Above Products Due by April 19, 2010
Estimated delivery 4th quarter 2010

* Not available from DeLuxe in Australia, contact information available upon request
Photos of models from previous runs and temporary artwork shown.

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