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March 2008 New N Scale Products from DeLuxe Innovations
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Click to see new packaging for APL 20s All New Packaging!
Now 4 Different 20' Container Numbers in 1 Package!
APL 20' Corrugated #543011 $TBA

You've been asking for more containers, here we go again! This month's run of APL 20' Corrugated Containers is being offered in a new 4-Pack format. 20 footers are just about always seen in pairs and there are 2 pairs of 2 different APL logos in this 4-Pack.
OOCL 40 2
Our New Packaging!
5 Different Container Numbers in 1 Package!
OOCL 40' Hi-Cube Corrugated #520011 $TBA

More is better! Here's our second run of container 5-Packs. There are 2 versions of the OOCL logo in this set.
Conrail Mercury 48 Conrail Mercury 48' Smooth Side Container 2-Pack #8061 $TBA
Our second run of these domestic dry boxes will look as good as the first and they're also a perfect fit in the lower position of our Maxi IIIs.
NYK/Transamerica 48 NYK/Transamerica 48' Smooth Side Container 2-Pack #8141 $TBA
This is our second run of these U.S. domestic containers. They're a perfect fit in the lower position of our Maxi-Stack III container cars.
Pacer Maxi III Pacer Stacktrain Maxi-Stack III in 2 roadnumbers, Set 1 #211201, Set 2 #211202, $TBA
Update your fleet with these Pacer Stacktrain Maxi III's. They are ex-APL cars, carry BRAN reporting marks and have yellow conspicuity stripes.
SP Covered Hopper Southern Pacific 2-Bay Covered Hopper
Something for everyone, 3 paint schemes, 6 road numbers!
Single #71711, 2-Pack #71712, 3-Pack #71713, all prices TBA
Please note:
Due to delays at the factory, these cars will not be shipping in time for the NMRA Convention as originaly announced.
Reading Covered Hopper Reading 2-Bay Covered Hopper
Single #74111, 2-Pack #74112, prices TBA

Please note:
Dealer Order Forms erroneously listed these as items 74051 & 74052
M-K-T Covered Hopper M-K-T 2-Bay Covered Hopper
Single #74211, 2-Pack #74212, prices TBA

Photo of car from previous run shown
ACL Box Car Atlantic Coast Line 40' Phosphate Service Box Car
Single #143811, 3-Pack #143813, prices TBA
Arnold Trailer Arnold Transport 53' Highway Trailer available in two numbers, #712701, #712702 $14.95 each
Arnold Transportation Services has a great stylized black "A" with a white highway-style center line in their logo, these will be eye-catching trailers!
RackPak® Box RackPak® , #990740 $10.95 each
This is a new addition to our popular UnitPak® line of N scale storage boxes. Specially designed for enclosed auto-racks, this box is made from the same high quality electronics grade foam as the rest of our storage boxes. The RackPak® will hold 7 high-cube cars.

Guaranteed Orders for the Above Products Due by May 16, 2008
Delivery expected in the 2nd quarter of 2008

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