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March 2011 New N Scale Products from DeLuxe Innovations
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Twin Tub "Coal Porter" Bathtub Gondolas
PP&L/Pennsylvania Power & Light (PPLX) in 21 Road Numbers
PP&L Twin TubPP&L Twin Tub-DoubleRotary
Preliminary artwork shown
Unit trains of these cars supply PP&L power plants with their coal needs. The DeLuxe Twin Tub includes modeler-installed interior braces. Leave them out if you plan on using a coal load (DeLuxe item #990500 for 10 and #990503 for 3) in the car, install them if you run it empty. Equipped with Atlas 100 ton roller bearing trucks with knuckle couplers.
10-Pack in UnitPak Box (with one Double Rotary End Car) #122900 - $189.50
Road Numbers PPLX 2006 (Double Rotary), 2036, 2017, 2044, 2013, 2029, 2032, 2064, 2142, 2183
Single Car (Double Rotary Ends) #122901 Road Number PPLX 2003 - $21.95
4-Pack #122904 Road Numbers PPLX 2157, 2159, 2121, 2170 - $75.80
6-Pack #122906 PPLX 2052, 2066, 2125, 2131, 2075, 2038 - $113.70
Genstar 20' Corrugated Genstar 20' Corrugated 2-Pack #3231 - $13.95
This is our secind run of Genstar 20' corrugated containers.
Model from previous run shown
Hanjin 40' Corrugated DLP Hanjin 40' Corrugated Logo Panel 5-Pack #505031 - $37.95
This is our second run of Hanjin 40' corrugated logo panel containers and our first Hanjin 5-pack.
Model from previous run shown
U.S. Navy 40' Corrugated DLP
U.S. Navy 40' Corrugated DLP-Doors
U.S. Navy 40' Corrugated Logo Panel 5-Pack #505491 - $34.95
The sides of these "CONEX" boxes simply have black "USN" in both logo panels of the battleship gray body, all road numbers are on the doors. In the East we see them on the CSX ex-New York Central River Line moving anything the Navy needs moved, except munitions. They can also be sighted onboard Navy ships of course.
Preliminary artwork shown
Conrail Mercury 48' Conrail Mercury 48' Smooth Side 2-Pack #8061 - $18.95
Our second run of these domestic dry boxes will look as good as the first and they're also a perfect fit in the lower position of our Maxi-IIIs.
Model from previous run shown
1944 AAR 40' Boxcar with Micro-Trains Trucks and Couplers
Santa Fe "Grand Canyon" Slogan/Map Boxcar With Roofwalk in 6 Road Numbers
These cars have the Santa Fe system map on one side and the Grand Canyon Line slogan on the other. Offered in a total of 6 road numbers in this first "Slogan Car" run.
Santa Fe Single #143911 - $24.95
Road Number A.T.S.F. 138791
2-Pack #143912 - $49.90
Road Numbers A.T.S.F. 138700, 138701
3-Pack #143913 - $74.85
Road Numbers A.T.S.F. 138719, 138723, 138752

Pre-production prototype car shown
CP Rail Action Red (Pac Man) Boxcar With Roofwalk in 6 Road Numbers
The Canadian Pacific Railway adopted the Action Red paint scheme with multimark symbol in 1968. It was first applied to 40' boxcars in the 260000 series and became known as "Pac Man" by employees. This run consists of 6 different road numbers of this colorful car. Next month we will announce the production date of another run of these CP boxcars, this time without roofwalks. All will be on the same body style, leaving the roofwalk supports visible on the updated models, just like the prototype.
CP Rail Action Red (Pac Man) Boxcar Single #144011 Road Number CP 260000 - $23.95
2-Pack #144012 Road Numbers CP 251471, 261568 - $47.90
3-Pack #144013 Road Numbers CP 18442, 21466, 254273 - $71.85

Preliminary artwork shown
Guaranteed Orders Date for the above items is April 29, 2011 for delivery by August 2011
Photos of previous run, production and pre-production models, prototype photos and temporary artwork shown.

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