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March/April 2013 New N Scale Products from DeLuxe Innovations
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Baltimore & Ohio 1944 AAR 40' Boxcars Without Roofwalk
We are re-announcing the single from our new factory (with an updated MSRP) and adding a 3-pack to bring the run total up to 6 different road numbers. A 2-pack was delivered in 2011(#130602, still in stock). These cars are from a group of 390 rebuilt cars leased to B&O by Chicago Freight Car Co. starting in 1968. They were originally built for PRR (X-43 class) nearly 2 decades earlier. B&O assigned class number B-19 to these cars. The cars have etched metal stirrups and brake wheels and are factory-equipped with Micro-Trains® trucks and couplers.
B&O Boxcar Single #130601 - $22.95
Road Number B&O 463529
3-Pack #130603 - $68.85
Road Numbers B&O 463346, 463498, 463589
Pre-production model shown
Santa Fe El Capitan 1944 AAR 40' Boxcars with Roofwalk
This is the third run of Santa Fe "name train" cars we have announced. Advertise your Santa Fe passenger trains to your N scale passengers with these cars. One side will have the El Capitan Coach Streamliner West slogan and the other will have "ship Santa Fe all the way" with a system map. The cars have etched metal roofwalks, stirrups and brake wheels and are factory-equipped with Micro-Trains® trucks and couplers. There are six (6) different road numbers in this run.
Santa Fe El Capitan 40' Boxcar Single #143931 - $24.95
Road Number ATSF 138972
2-Pack #143932 - $49.90
Road Numbers ATSF 138900, 138953
3-Pack #143933 - $74.85
Road Numbers ATSF 138925, 138938, 138999
Technical artwork shown
Ready-To-Place Armco Buildings
We are announcing a guardhouse and a drive-through shed. The guardhouse features entry doors on both sides and is designed to split a perimeter fence. This allows access through a "street side" door, you pass through security, then exit to the fenced in area. There are windows on all 4 sides for better visibility. The drive-through shed (called a tractor shed in some parts of the country) has 8' roll-up doors at each end. We mold the open door frame and give you 2 doors to add if you like. You can even cut the door down and have it partially open. These new items will be offered in brown, a new color for the line, as well as gray and green in this run. We will also produce the yard office and workshop in brown. Please note that next month we will introduce another new color - red - and also add the new building versions in other colors that are currently available.
Armco Guardhouse Armco Shed
Photo of development mock-up models shown
April Armco Announcemnts
Red Office #307 - $12.95 each
Blue Guardhouse #332 - $13.95
Tan Guardhouse #334 - $13.95
Red Guardhouse #337 - $13.95
Red Workshop #357 - $12.95
Blue Shed #382 - $13.95
Tan Shed #384 - $13.95
Red Shed #387 - $13.95
March Armco Announcemnts
Brown Office #306 - $12.95 each
Gray Guardhouse #331 - $13.95
Green Guardhouse #335 - $13.95
Brown Guardhouse #336 - $13.95
Brown Workshop #356 - $12.95
Gray Shed #381 - $13.95
Green Shed #385 - $13.95
Brown Shed #386 - $13.95
Pre-Orders for the above items due April 30, 2013 for delivery the third quarter of 2013
Special Run - Squeak N Products "Trash" Cars
American Railcar Leasing C&D Waste Gondolas - $19.95 each

Squeak N Products is releasing a run of American Railcar Leasing (ARL) Construction and Demolition Waste Cars on the DeLuxe deep rib woodchip gondola body. ARL was formed from the leasing business of ACF Industries. These cars carry FWTX reporting marks as they were built for and originally leased to First Waste Transload Inc. which is no longer in business. C&D cars are generally known as Trash Cars although they rarely carry regular garbage. Blocks of the cars are seen on the Susquehanna (NYSW) main line as well in as other parts of the Northeastern U.S. and Ontario, Canada. There are 6 different road numbers in this run. Available through DeLuxe, Squeak N Products or their dealers.

American Railcar Leasing C&D Waste Gondola Six (6) individual single cars available - $19.95 each

AR-0047-01 Road Number FWTX 620001
AR-0047-02 Road Number FWTX 620022
AR-0047-03 Road Number FWTX 620047
AR-0047-04 Road Number FWTX 620068
AR-0047-05 Road Number FWTX 620073
AR-0047-06 Road Number FWTX 620090

Stock number AR-0047 (no dash)
can be used to order the entire 6 car set - $119.70
Pre-Orders for ARL Trash Cars now due May 13, 2013 for delivery the third quarter of 2013

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