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April 2008 New N Scale Products from DeLuxe Innovations
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DeLuxe 15th Anniversary Boxcar DeLuxe Innovations 15th Anniversary Boxcar 2-Pack #131012, Price TBA
This year is the 15th anniversary of the DeLuxe Innovations brand! This 2-pack will be on our 40' boxcar without roofwalk. One box car will wear the original deLuxe logo and carry roadnumber 1993 and the other will wear the new revised logo and carry roadnumber 2008. Both will sport eye catching multi-colored camouflage.
Micro Logo Triple Crown RoadRailer Trailer
Photo courtesy of Mike Reardon
Triple Crown "Micro Logo" RoadRailer Trailers in 5-Pack with CouplerMate #180315, 3-Pack #180313, 2-Pack #180312, Single #180311, Prices TBA
This is the third version of the Triple Crown logo. This logo is the smallest version we've seen. The 5-Pack will include a Coupler Mate Rail Boggy to connect the trailers to your train. A total of 11 roadnumbers of PlateWall trailers are being offered.
MILW Covered Hopper Milwaukee Road 2-Bay Covered Hopper Single #74311, 2-Pack #74312, 3-Pack #74313, Prices TBA
These Milwaukee Road hoppers will be available in time for TrainFest in Milwaukee on November 7 to 9, 2008. Six roadnumbers are available in total.
DT&I Covered Hopper Detroit, Toledo & Ironton 2-Bay Covered Hopper Single #74411, 2-Pack #74412, 3-Pack #74413, Prices TBA
We're offering a variety of paint schemes in the multi-packs in a total of 6 roadnumbers.
Reading Covered Hopper Reading 2-Bay Covered Hopper 3-Pack #74113, Price TBA
Now six different roadnumbers are available. This is in addition to our March announcements and orders will be due with them on May 16, 2008.
P&O 40' Hi-Cube Conatiner 5 Different Container Numbers in 1 Package!
P&O 40' Hi-Cube Corrugated Container 5-Pack #520021, Price TBA

Here's our third run of container 5-Packs. Wait until you see the multi-color flag on these babies! We'll include a mix of flag and no flag containers in this 5-pack.
XTRA Container Train 48' XTRA Container Train 48' Smooth Side Container 2-Pack #8121, Price TBA
This is our second run of this popular container. Perfect to help fill your Maxi III cars.
National Freight Trailer National Freight 53' Highway Trailer available in two numbers, #712801, #712802, Prices TBA
National Freight trailers are seen on highways throughout the nation, they operate a fleet of over 10,000 trailers. Their stylized eagle logo is easily recognizable.
Tony's Pizza Tony's Pizzeria Ready-to-Place Structure #204, Price TBA
This is a new addition to our Storefront series. It has a 3" square footprint the same as the rest of our Storefronts.

Guaranteed Orders for the Above Products Due by June 13, 2008
Delivery expected in the 4th quarter of 2008

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