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April 2011 New N Scale Products from DeLuxe Innovations
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Twin Tub "Coal Porter" Bathtub Gondolas
Canadian National URL and "Plain" Schemes (CNA) in 24 Road Numbers
CN URL Scheme
CN Double Rotary End
CN Plain Scheme
This is our third run of Canadian National Twin Tubs. It is split between the newer URL scheme cars and the older "plain" scheme. They are silver with a red rotary end, the URL scheme has printed panels and the "plain" scheme has a masked end. The 10-pack does not have a double rotary end car.
Preliminary artwork shown
10-Pack #120730 Road Numbers 193158, 193159, 193160, 193161, 193162, 193163, 193164 (URL), 193797, 193834, 193939 (Plain) - $193.80
Single Car with Double Rotary Ends #120731 Road Number 193656* (Plain) - $23.95
3-Pack #120733 Road Numbers 193096, 193204 (URL), 193815 (Plain) - $57.95
4-Pack #120734 oad Numbers 193185, 193186 (URL), 193859, 193972 (Plain) - $76.90
6-Pack #120736 Road Numbers 193133, 193146, 193170, 193171 (URL), 193863, 193905 (Plain) - $115.90

* This road number was released in a previous run as a single rotary end car
1944 AAR 40' Boxcar with Micro-Trains Trucks and Couplers
CP Rail Action Red (Pac Man) Boxcar Without Roofwalk in 6 Road Numbers
This is a follow-up run to last month's cars with roofwalks. This run consists of 6 additional road numbers including a car with the International Of Maine Division logo (*) in the 2-pack. The Canadian Pacific Railway adopted the Action Red paint scheme with multimark symbol in 1968. It was first applied to 40' boxcars in the 260000 series and became known as "Pac Man" by employees. All 12 cars will be on the same body style, leaving the roofwalk supports visible on the updated models, just like the prototype.
CP Rail Action Red (Pac Man) Boxcar Single #134011 Road Number 17147 - $22.95
2-Pack #134012 Road Numbers 18642, 269685* - $45.90
3-Pack #134013 Road Numbers 17193, 22041, 124053 - $68.85

Preliminary artwork shown
Santa Fe Scout/System Map Boxcar with Roofwalk in 6 Road Numbers
These cars have The Scout for Economy Travel West slogan on one side and the Santa Fe system map on the other. There are 6 different road numbers in this run of the "Slogan Car" series.
Santa Fe Scout/System Map Boxcar Single #143921 Road Number 138888 - $24.95
2-Pack #143922 Road Numbers 138809, 138864 - $49.90
3-Pack #143923 Road Numbers 138800, 138812, 138899 - $74.85

Preliminary artwork shown
Limited Edition Military Honors Series Boxcar Singles
Desert Storm POW/MIA Boxcar POW/MIA with "Desert Storm" Service Ribbon #240412 - $34.95
This is our second boxcar honoring POWs and MIAs, this one with the service ribbon from Desert Storm. We have assigned road number 19901991 which represents the dates of the conflict.
Preliminary artwork shown
Blue Angels Boxcar U.S. Navy Blue Angels #240521 - $29.95
This 40' boxcar honors the U.S. Navy's Flight Demonstration Squadron. Formation of the Blue Angels was ordered 65 years ago on April 24, 1946 and their first flight demonstration was later that year, on June 15, at their home base in Florida. The Blue Angels serve as positive role models and goodwill ambassadors for the U. S. Navy and Marine Corps.
Preliminary artwork shown
Tiphook 40' Corrugated Container Tiphook 40' Dual Logo Panel Corrugated 5-Pack #505461 - $35.95
Tiphook was a UK-based container leasing company. They did not own any ships but rather provided containers to shipping lines and high volume customers who wanted to insulate themselves from the swings in the container space market. They became the world's second largest marine container leasing company in the 1990s.
Preliminary artwork shown
Interfresh 48' Reefer Interfresh 48' Refrigerated Container Kit 2-Pack #9041 - $18.95
Our second run of this colorful Interfresh paint scheme. This refrigerated container kit comes with 2 containers, 2 refrigerator units and instructions for adding the reefer unit.
Model from previous run shown
Pre-Orders for the above items due June 6, 2011 for delivery by September 2011
Photos of previous run models and temporary artwork shown.

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