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June 2011 New N Scale Products from DeLuxe Innovations
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Maxi-Stack IV 3-Unit Well Car
This month we are annoucing our third run of Maxi-Stack IV double-stack cars. This N scale model features die-cast metal wells with plastic and etched metal details, crisp painting and sharp lettering. They will come with BLMA trucks with metal wheels. The end trucks will be their 70 ton version and the intermediate trucks will be their 100 ton version but with 38 inch wheels. These "stack sets" come ready-to-run with body-mounted knuckle couplers.
TTX Yellow with White Conspicuity Stripes, Late Version - $74.95 Each
Rapid prototype model shown.
TTX Maxi-IV #351001 Road Number DTTX 723504
#351002 Road Number DTTX 723824
#351003 Road Number DTTX 724681
#351004 Road Number DTTX 724869
BNSF Swoosh (Wedge) Scheme, Late Version - $74.95 Each
Preliminary artwork with serif reporting marks shown.
BNSF Swoosh Maxi-IV Traditional Serif Reporting Marks:
#350901 Road Number BNSF 254008
#350902 Road Number BNSF 254049
San Serif Reporting Marks:
#350903 Road Number BNSF 254153
#350904 Road Number BNSF 254166
Arkansas-Oklahoma ex-Northwest Container, Late Version - $74.95 Each
Preliminary artwork shown.
AOK ex-NWCX Maxi-IV #350801 Road Number AOK 55368
#350802 Road Number AOK 55369
#350803 Road Number AOK 55374
40' Container Chassis
Our 40' container chassis 2-pack comes fully assembled and decorated. The fine printing on the side of the frame is very small yet sharp and readable. Most versions even include logos on the mud flaps. These models look great under a container or just sitting in the yard waiting for a can.
Flexi-Van 40' Chassis Flexi-Van (2nd Run) #1011 - $22.95
Photo from previous run shown.
K Line 40' Chassis "K" Line (2nd Run) #1032 - $22.95
Preliminary artwork shown.
Click image for previous run model photo.
OOCL 40' Chassis Orient Overseas Container Line (OOC) #1081 - $22.95
Preliminary artwork shown.
Sea-Land 40' Chassis Sea-Land #1121 - $22.95
Preliminary artwork shown.
Pre-Orders for the above items due July 31, 2011 for delivery by November 2011

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