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June 2013 New N Scale Products from DeLuxe Innovations
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Dole Foods 40' Refrigerated Container 2-Pack #4392 - $18.95
Dole Foods 40' Refrigerated Container Last year we released a 5-pack of these sharp looking Dole containers. They quickly sold out. Due to popular demand, we are announcing a 2-pack of Dole reefer containers with 2 new ID numbers. Get'em while they're hot! Or is that cool? Pre-Orders for this item due July 31, 2013 for delivery 4th quarter 2013
Model from previous run shown
Sea-Land 40' Corrugated Container 2-Pack #5122 - Squeak N Products Special Run - $18.95
Sea-Land 40' Corrugated Container These containers are available for sale now through DeLuxe dealers along with the DeLuxe Sea-Land Dual Logo Panel Corrugated Container 2-Pack (#5121) with 2 different ID numbers. #5122/SL-0046 available through DeLuxe, Squeak N Products or their dealers.
Pre-production sample model shown
New Freight Car Loads
Marble Block Flatcar Load
Production sample shown on Micro-Trains Line flatcar
Marble Block Flatcar Load with Cribbing 2-Pack #990282 - $7.95
These loads are available for sale now. Long-time DeLuxe customers may remember that we announced a GHQ-based 53' 6" flatcar with marble loads several years ago. We were preparing to release them in 2012 but along came Hurricane Irene and washed the paint off the cars. Since we already had the marble blocks contracted for, we are now offering them as an accessory. Each block has grain visible and is unique as they were cut from a larger piece. They are not real marble. Railroad tie cribbing is provided. Use a small amount of our Container Glue (#990101) to secure your loads and cribbing to the flatcar deck.Marble Block Load
C&D Waste Load 3-Pack for Deep or Shallow Rib Woodchip Cars #990433 - $8.95
The loads are cast in gray resin and have been lightly painted to give them a more realistic look. There are 3 different loads to give your "trash train" some variety. They will fit both the DeLuxe Innovations deep rib and shallow rib woodchip gondolas. Pre-Orders for C&D Waste Loads are due July 31, 2013 for expected delivery in August 2013.
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