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July 2008 New N Scale Products from DeLuxe Innovations
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180511 Schneider National PlateWall RoadRailer Trailer
Single #180511, 2-Pack #180512, 3-Pack #180513, 5-Pack with Coupler Mate #180515 - Prices TBA*

This is our second run of Schneider National RoadRailer trailers. We have designed new packaging for the 5-Pack with Coupler Mate. The Coupler Mate will be in a small freight car box and all 6 boxes will be shrink-wrapped in the same way a 6-pack is. * Price per trailer will be under $20
74611 Erie Vintage By DeLuxe 2-Bay Covered Hopper
Single #74611, 2-Pack #74612, 3-Pack #74613 - Prices TBA

The Erie Railroad had several styles of 2-bay covered hoppers, including this 1958 cubic foot version with open side panel. Some even survived into the Conrail era in black paint with a white Erie diamond.
74711 Frisco Vintage By DeLuxe 2-Bay Covered Hopper
Single #74711, 2-Pack #74712, 3-Pack #74713 - Prices TBA

The Saint Louis - San Francisco Railway purchased about 500 1958 cubic foot covered hoppers between 1945 and 1950. This release will feature the gray repaints with black billboard lettering.
TTX Maxi-Stack IV Well Car - $74.95 Each, Set 1 #350101, Set 2 #350102, added October 2010: Set 3 #350103, Set 4 #350104
This is the re-announcement of our long-awaited Maxi IV cars. You won't be disappointed. The cars are made up of 3 wells each able to handle a container up to 53' long. Details will be separately applied plastic and metal parts. We set the standard with our Maxi III and we hope to redefine it again with our Maxi IV. Production is set on this run, dealers reservations are in but we wanted to let you know that, as usual, production will exceed pre-orders so there will be enough to cover new orders too. Please note that 350102 was originally announced as 350111 but has been changed to our new numbering format.
As of 2010: cars will now have BLMA trucks with metal wheels.
Hapag-Lloyd 40' Corrugated Hi-Cube Container 5-Pack #520161 - Price TBA
Our first 5-pack release this month is a Hapag-Lloyd 40' corrugated Hi-Cube container in orange with blue logo and black lettering. (We originally announced a 40' Dual Logo Panel 5-pack but we were not able to substantiate the existence of containers matching our standard height container.)
520131 CAI 40' Hi-Cube Corrugated Container 5-Pack #520131 - Price TBA
This month we are offering a second 5-pack, CAI 40' corrugated Hi-Cube containers. They are red with white CAI logo and data.
350 Series Ready-to-Place Armco Steel Workshop Building
Blue #352, Tan #354 - $12.95 Each

This is the second version of our new Armco Steel Building, the Workshop. It is available in the same 2 colors the first run Yard Office will come in. It is painted, assembled and Ready-to-Place on your layout. Photo of pre-production model shown.

DeLuxe Innovations is a Proud Sponsor of the 2008 National N-Scale Convention

Guaranteed Orders for the Above Products Due by September 12, 2008
Delivery expected in the 1st quarter of 2009

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