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July 2009 New N Scale Products from DeLuxe Innovations
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SP Boxcar Southern Pacific 40' Boxcar with Roofwalk
Single #143711 $24.95, 2-Pack #143712 $49.90,
3-Pack #143713 $74.85

This is our first run of Southern Pacific boxcars, they will have our new rectangular panel roof. Built by ACF in March 1937, these cars are brown with the circular black and white Southern Pacific Lines herald on the right side. Factory-equipped with Micro-Trains LineŽ trucks and couplers in 6 different road numbers:
Single - 38565; 2-Pack - 38340, 38589; 3-Pack - 38397, 38468, 38522
Black DL&W Covered Hopper
Prototype photo courtesy of Brian Hennessey
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western 2-Bay Covered Hopper
Single #75411 $18.95, 2-Pack #75412 $37.90, 3-Pack #75413 $56.85

Here is our first run of Lackawanna cement hoppers. Both black and gray Cement Car schemes are included with Lackawanna spelled out on the right side. We are offering a total of 6 different road numbers in this run: Single - 18645 (Black); 2-Pack - 18500 (Gray), 19188 (Black);
3-Pack - 18523 (Gray), 19078, 19235 (Black)
CN URL Paint Scheme Twin Tub

CN Double Rotary-End Single

CN Plain Paint scheme Twin Tub
Canadian National Twin Tub Coal Porter
URL and "Plain" Schemes
10-Pack #120730 $189.95, Single Car with Double Rotary Ends #120731 $24.95, 3-Pack #120733 $55.50, 4-Pack #120734 $74.95,
6-Pack #120736 $111.00

This is our third run of Canadian National Twin Tub Coal Porters. We are splitting the run between the newer URL scheme cars and the older "plain" scheme cars. These cars are silver with a red rotary end, the URL scheme has printed panels and the "plain" scheme has a masked red end. About three-quarters of the cars are in the URL scheme. There is also a double rotary end single car. There are 24 road numbers with CNA reporting marks in this run: Double-Rotary Single - 193656* (Plain); 3-Pack - 193096, 193204 (URL), 193815 (Plain); 4-Pack - 193185, 193186 (URL), 193859, 193972 (Plain); 6-Pack - 193133, 193146, 193170, 193171 (URL), 193863, 193905 (Plain); 10-Pack - 193158, 193159, 193160, 193161, 193162, 193163, 193164 (URL), 193797, 193834, 193939 (Plain)
* This road number was released in a previous run as a single rotary end car
Maersk Reefer 40' Container Maersk 40' Refrigerated Container 5-Pack #504111 - $33.95
These are white containers with Maersk in large black billboard lettering and the blue and white starburst.
K Line Container Chassis "K" Line 40' Container Chassis 2-Pack #1032 - $21.95
These chassis are assembled, decorated and ready to use in your intermodal yard. This is our second run of "K" Line chassis 2-packs.
Xtra Lease 53' Trailer Xtra Lease 53' American Highways Trailers
#713311 and #713312 - $17.95 each

Xtra Lease trailers can be seen pulled by a variety of trucking company tractors. They are generally in highway service throughout the country.
Weathered BN boxcar Burlington Northern WeatherFactory™ 40' Boxcars
Single #130111 $25.00, 2-Pack #130112 $50.00

Available now! These Burlington Northern boxcars without roofwalk are new to our WeatherFactory™ Line. There are 3 different road numbers, the single is number 124258 and does not have a consolidated stencil, the 2-pack includes numbers 121100 and 122674, both with consolidated stencils. These cars are from our previous run of BN boxcars, we have applied light weathering to the car, including the trucks and the roof. Factory-equipped with Micro-Trains LineŽ trucks and couplers (the regular production run cars were equipped with Atlas/Accumate trucks and couplers).

Guaranteed Orders for the Above Products Due by September 18, 2009
Delivery expected in the 1st quarter of 2010
WeatherFactory™ BN boxcars are available now.

Photos of models from previous runs, prototype photos and temporary artwork shown.

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