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July 2013 New N Scale Products from DeLuxe Innovations
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Maersk 40' Refrigerated Container 5-Pack #504111 - $39.95
Maersk 40' Refrigerated Container These are white containers with Maersk in large black billboard lettering and the blue and white starburst, offered in a 5-pack for the first time. Includes printing on the refrigerator unit too.
Model from previous run shown
Maersk-Sealand 40' Refrigerated Container 2-Pack #4292 - $18.95
Maersk-Sealand 40' Refrigerated Container This Maersk-Sealand 2-pack is complements our "plain" Maersk 5-pack in the same billboard scheme with blue starburst. Also includes printing on the refrigerator unit.
Model from previous run shown
Maersk 40' Container Chassis 2-Pack #1131 - $22.95
Maersk 40' Container Chassis With all the Maersk containers, and since our Maersk-Sealand chassis sold out, this Maersk 2-pack was a natural release to complement our Maersk reefer container 5-pack.
Preliminary artwork shown
The Guaranteed Order Date for these items is August 31, 2013
Undecorated Container Bulk Packs
We are now making many of our domestically molded container bodies available in larger multi-packs in addition to the regular undecorated 2-packs. There will be 6- and 12-packs of 20' corrugated, 40' refrigerated, 40' standard height logo panel corrugated, 45' corrugated and 48' smooth-side containers. These multipacks will be shrink-wrapped, except the 6-pack of 20 footers which will be bagged, and will be available as regular in-stock items starting next month.
20' Corrugated Container:
6-pack #3000-06 - $22.50
12-pack #3000-12 $42.95

40' Refrigerated Container:
6-pack #4000-06 - $22.50
12-pack #4000-12 $42.95

40' Standard Height Logo Panel Corrugated Container:
6-pack #5000-06 - $22.50
12-pack #5000-12 $42.95

45' Corrugated Container:
6-pack #6000-06 - $22.50
12-pack #6000-12 $42.95

48' Smooth-Side Container:
6-pack #8000-06 - $22.50
12-pack #8000-12 $42.95

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