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July 2014 New N Scale Products from DeLuxe Innovations
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N Scale Container Reachstacker Model - Part 2 (June 2014 Part 1 items also listed below)

Reachstacker model
Last month we announced the first batch of items for our new reachstacker. This month we are adding Terex and some railroad logo versions. This new item is a must have for intermodal modelers. The Reachstacker is designed to lift loaded containers into and out of the wells of double-stack cars and onto container chassis. A reachstacker can stack containers up to five or even six high. Our model is based on the PPM Super Stacker prototype which later became part of the Terex line. Our design includes a die-cast undercarriage with plastic body and arm, etched metal and plastic details and clear windows. The die-cast undercarriage provides enough weight so the model can hold a container with the arm extended without tipping. All wheels roll and the rear wheels are steerable. The arm is poseable, movements include raising and lowering, extending from the nested arm segments and a rotating grabber at the end to lift containers from 20' to 53' long. The grabber will hold both ISO standard width and wider domestic containers. All models will be decorated and assembled, no kit is being offered. Both batches referenced here will be released together in the first run. The target MSRP is $79.95. Prototype photo shown for illustration purposes.

New July 2014 Announcements:
#380041 Red and Black Reachstacker - Warning Labels Only
#380051 White Reachstacker with Terex Logo
#380061 Yellow Reachstacker with Terex Logo
#380071 Conrail Yellow and Black Reachstacker
#380081 APM Terminals "Maersk Blue"/White Reachstacker
#380091 Canadian National White and Black Reachstacker
#380101 Norfolk Southern Yellow and Black Reachstacker

Various prototype photos shown for illustration purposes
June 2014 Announcements:
#380001 Yellow Reachstacker
#380011 Red Reachstacker with PPM Logo
#380021 Orange and Black Reachstacker
#380031 Blue and Black Reachstacker
The Guaranteed Order Date for these items is August 31, 2014 for delivery in the 3nd Quarter of 2015

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