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September 2007 New N Scale Products from DeLuxe Innovations
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143511 Union Pacific with Overland Logo 1944 AAR Box Car #143511 Single Car $19.95, #143512 2-Pack $39.90

In the summer of '54, a number of UP box cars from various classes were painted with the "Overland Route" logo in addition to the standard name and slogans. This practice has been repeated over the decades. These cars were used in general service carrying everything from fabricated metal to wheat. UP continues to apply the Overland Route logo to selected cars today.

Baltimore & Ohio 1944 AAR Box Car without Roofwalk #130601 Single Car $21.50, #130602 2-Pack $43.00

These cars are from a group of 390 rebuilt cars leased by B&O from Chicago Freight Car Co. starting in 1968. They were originally built for PRR (X-43 class) nearly two decades before. B&O assigned the class number B-19 to these cars. Announced at $19.95 and $39.90, released at the above prices.

73611 Chicago & Northwestern (Green) Covered Hopper #73611 Single Car $15.95, #73613 3-Pack $47.85

C&NW's ACF 70 ton covered hoppers were originally delivered in a conservative gray but by 1970, they were appearing in this striking green. That year, "Employee Owned" was added to the logo. This particular car was assigned to roofing granual service. A quarter of a century later, C&NW would be wedded to long time primary connection Union Pacific. The 3-pack will consist of 2 green cars and 1 gray car.

210901 BNSF ex-BN America Maxi-Stack III Set 1 #210901, Set 2 #210902 $94.95 each

BNSF inherited Gunderson Maxi-Stack III's from both of its chief predecessors, Santa Fe and Burlington Northern. These former BN cars, both carrying the large BN "wrenches" logo (some BN cars carried a smaller version) have been renumbered BNSF with the use of a BNSF Mineral Red patch and new white numbers. Originally built to concentrate on domestic container service, the move toward 53' domestic containers and a huge increase in international container traffic has led BNSF's Maxi-IIIs to more of an international stack train service focus in recent years.

Hyundai 20' Corrugated Container #3031 $12.95

No, this container is not filled with shiny new cars. Long before Hyundai made spiffy economy cars, there was Hyundai Merchant Marine. Their red-orange dry boxes in 20', 40', and 45' lengths are a common sight around the world. The shipping line is operated separately from the auto making and heavy manufacturing Hyundai entities. In addition to container ships, they also operate a wide range of bulk carriers.

Santa Fe 48 ft Container

Santa Fe 48' Smoothside Container 2-Pack #8043 $10.95

Although Santa Fe trailed their neighbors in adopting double stack technology by a couple of years, once they jumped in, they did so with a vengeance. By the time of the merger with Burlington Northern, Santa Fe was the undisputed king of intermodal. This is the fourth run of this container from DeLuxe, each with different road numbers.


Pacer StackTrain "Red Corner" 53' Corrugated Container 2-Pack #13111 $13.95
CANCELLED - Replaced with 5-pack #513111 - $47.95

Before their big blue containers and stack cars began to appear, Pacer was a logistics management company. When American President Lines and Neptune Orient Line merged, APL's US stack train business was sold to Pacer and "Pacer Stacktrain" was born. Later batches of 53' corrugated containers were delivered with bright red corner posts as seen here.

1031 "K" Line 40'Container Chassis 2-Pack #1031 $19.50

"K" Line is the largest of the Japanese shipping lines. The K stands for Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha and these chassis' serve their North American operations. In addition to carrying their own "K" Line containers, these chassis can be seen carrying one of the many container leasing company boxes (such as Florens, Tex, Seaco and the like) or that of any shipping line belonging to one of the several pools that "K" Line is also a member of - in other words, just about any 40' container!

The Associates 48' Micro-Trains Trailer, available in two numbers #712401, #712402 $14.95

Having got its start in the 1930s, The Associates continued to grow through major acquisitions. By the 1980s they were a multi billion dollar corporation with considerable assets. In 1989 The Associates was purchased by the Ford Financial Services Group, but by 1998 they were once again a separate entity, and continued to expand into new markets, such as intermodal, until being acquired in 2000 by CitiGroup Inc. This 48' trailer depicts the company's famous "Triangle A" logo, which they have used since 1960.

710011 American Highways Dimensional Data 53' Plate Wall Trailer #710011 $12.95 Available Now!

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