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October 2008 New N Scale Products from DeLuxe Innovations
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144011 CP Rail Action Red 40' Boxcar
Single #144011, 2-Pack #144012, 3-Pack #144013, Prices TBA

The Canadian Pacific Railway adopted the Action Red paint scheme with multimark symbol in 1968. It was first applied to 40' boxcars in the 260000 series and became known as "Pac Man" by employees. This run consists of 6 different road numbers of this colorful car.
180221 Triple Crown "Large Logo" RoadRailer Trailers
Single #180221, 2-Pack #180222, 3-Pack #180223, 5-Pack with CouplerMate #180225, Prices TBA

This is our second run of Triple Crown large logo RoadRailer trailers. We're releasing another 11 road numbers to expand your RoadRailer train.
72511 Great Nothern 2-Bay Covered Hopper
Single #72511, 2-Pack #72512, 3-Pack #72513, Prices TBA

This is our second run of post-1967 Great Northern covered hoppers in the "Big Sky Blue" scheme. There are 6 different road numbers in this run.
100311 Southern Deep Rib Woodchip Gondola
Single #100311 $19.95, 2-Pack #100312 $39.90, 3-Pack #100313 $59.85

This month we're announcing a run of the Southern woodchip cars, it is our most requested road name for woodchip cars. All cars will be black with 6 different road numbers
350501 Massachusetts Central Maxi-Stack IV Container Car - $74.95 Each
Set 1 #350501, Set 2 #350502, added November 2010: Set 3 #350503, Set 4 #350504

As of 2010: cars will now have BLMA trucks with metal wheels.
520061 MSCo 40' Hi-Cube Container 5-Pack #520112 - Price TBA
This is a follow-up to our Mediterranean Shipping Co. 2-pack that sold out quickly last year. Now we're offering a five pack of these popular containers. Originally numbered 520061 in error.
4101 Itel 40' Refrigerated Container 2-Pack - #4101 Price TBA
This is our second run of Itel reefer containers.
9041 Interfresh 48' Refrigerated Container Kit 2-Pack #9041 - Price TBA
Another second run, this one in the bold Interfresh paint scheme. These reefer container kits come with 2 containers, 2 reefer units and instructions for adding the refrigerator units.

Guaranteed Orders for the Above Products Due by December 12, 2008
Delivery expected in the 2nd quarter of 2009

Photos of models from previous runs and temporary artwork shown.

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