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October 2010 New N Scale Products from DeLuxe Innovations
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Maxi-Stack IV
Production of the Maxi-Stack IV is getting back on track this month. We are even upping the ante with four (4) road numbers for each road name. This N scale model features die-cast metal wells with plastic and etched metal details, crisp painting and sharp lettering. They will come with the new BLMA trucks with metal wheels. The end trucks will be the 70 ton version and intermediate trucks will be the 100 ton version. These 3-unit articulated sets come fully assembled, ready-to-run with body-mounted knuckle couplers. The target MSRP is $5 more than originally announced due to the higher cost of the upgraded trucks with metal wheels.
TTX Yellow with White Conspicuity Stripes, Early Version - $74.95 Each
Preliminary artwork shown.
TTX Maxi-Stack IV #350101 Road Number DTTX 723210
#350102 Road Number DTTX 723236
#350103 Road Number DTTX 723433
#350104 Road Number DTTX 723485
BNSF Brown Circle-Cross Scheme, Early Version - $74.95 Each
Preliminary artwork shown.
BNSF Maxi-Stack IV #350201 Road Number BNSF 211007
#350202 Road Number BNSF 211046
#350203 Road Number BNSF 211151
#350204 Road Number BNSF 211332
Pacer Stacktrain, Early Version - $79.95 Each
This slightly higher price reflects the more complex printing involved with the multi-colored Pacer logo. The Pacer run has not been announced with a price in the past. Preliminary artwork shown.
BRAN/Pacer Stacktrain Maxi-Stack IV #350401 Road Number BRAN 6055
#350402 Road Number BRAN 6127
#350403 Road Number BRAN 6142
#350404 Road Number BRAN 6166
Guaranteed Orders for this Maxi-IV run due by November 30, 2010 for delivery by May/June 2011.
Deep Rib Woodchip Gondola
DeLuxe has moved production of our woodchip gondolas to a new factory. This run is the first of the previously announced projects to be scheduled at this factory. All cars will have 100 ton trucks with knuckle couplers.
Union Pacific
There are 2 basic versions of the car in this run of 6 road numbers. One car in each multi-pack will have the UP shield while the rest have billboard lettering. Most have a ratchet-style brake and one, road number 147678, has a side-mounted brake wheel.
UP Billboard Scheme Woodchip Car
UP Shield Scheme Woodchip Car
Single #100221 Road Number UP 147993 - $19.95
2-Pack #100222 Road Numbers UP 147678, 148118 - $39.90
3-Pack #100223 Road Numbers UP 148082, 148039, 147802 - $59.85
Milwaukee Road
These cars are all identical except the 6 different road numbers. The bodies are deep rib with both ends hinged and a side-mounted brake wheel.
Milwaukee Road Woodchip Car Single #100611 Road number MILW 276032 - $19.95
2-Pack #100612 Road Numbers MILW 276053, 276108 - $39.90
3-Pack #100613 Road Numbers MILW 276125, 276138, 276147 - $59.85
This run is 6 road numbers of black cars with white billboard lettering and the Wood Chip Service logos. One car in each multi-pack has the service logo in yellow and black, the rest are white and black. These cars have a high-mounted brake wheel on the end.
Southern Wood Chip Service Car Single #100311 Road Number SOU 139496 - $19.95
2-Pack #100312 Road Numbers SOU 139563, 139664 - $39.90
3-Pack #100313 Road Numbers SOU 139670, 139543, 139675 - $59.85
Guaranteed Orders for this Woodchip Gondola run due by November 10, 2010 for delivery by January 2011.
Armco Building
Also on the production schedule is the second run of Armco buildings. They will be gray and white with dark gray roof and door. The kit will also be restocked with this run. Small Utility Building footprint: 2 1/8" by 1 1/4" plus 3/16" roof overhang on each side.
Armco Office Ready-To-Place Yard Office, Gray #301, White #303 - $12.95 Each
The (train, truck or junk) Yard Office is painted, assembled and Ready-To-Place on your layout. Includes an A/C unit in the front wall.
Armco Workshop Ready-To-Place Workshop, Gray #351, White #353 - $12.95 Each
The Workshop is painted, assembled and Ready-to-Place on your layout. It has an 8' roll-up door in one end. The door is included as a separate part so you can model it open or closed. There's also a wall vent in the other end.
Kit #300 $9.95
The kit will be restocked with this run. Each kit includes enough parts to build both versions of the Armco steel building, one office and one workshop. A sprue of detail parts (item #390) is included too.
Guaranteed Orders for this Armco Building run due by November 10, 2010 for delivery by December 2010.

Photos of pre-production sample, model from previous run, prototype photo and temporary artwork shown.

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