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October 2013 New N Scale Products from DeLuxe Innovations
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40' Corrugated Containers
"K" Line 5-Pack #505012 - $39.95
This run is a follow-up to our very first 5-pack. Red with white lettering.
Model from previous run shown
Atlantic Container Lines (ACL) 2-Pack #5370 - $18.95
Atlantic Container Lines 40' Corrugated Container ACL, or Atlantic Container Lines, is a shipping company specializing in North Atlantic trade. In addition to containers, they have a large RORO - or Roll-On Roll-Off - operation.
Preliminary artwork shown
Deep Rib Woodchip Gondolas
Great Northern Big Sky Blue with white printing
We have had several requests to re-run Great Northern woodchip cars. These cars have a side-mounted brakewheel. This run will consist of 6 road numbers. Watch for blue ex-GN Greenbrier Leasing cars in a future run too.
Great Northern Deep Rib Woodchip Car Single #100531 - $19.95
Road Number GN 174281
2-Pack #100532 - $39.90
Road Numbers GN 174330, 174385
3-Pack #100533 - $59.85
Road Numbers GN 174337, 174364, 174386
Model from previous run shown
The Guaranteed Order Date for these items is November 30, 2013 for delivery in the 2nd Quarter of 2014

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