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November 2010 New N Scale Products from DeLuxe Innovations
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Maxi-Stack IV Container Well Car
The second run of Maxi-Stack IV 3-unit container well car includes four (4) regional road names. Three (3) are on the early version of the car body (unlike Kato's late version) and the fourth, NW Container, is on the late version body. This is the first time we are announcing the Iowa Interstate and Northwest Container runs. With the exception of NW Container, all of these road names can be found throughout the nation. NW Container, out of Portland, Oregon, runs mostly on the BNSF. We are doing four (4) road numbers for AOK, Mass Central and Iowa Interstate. This N scale model features die-cast metal wells with plastic and etched metal details, crisp painting and sharp lettering. They will come with the new BLMA trucks with metal wheels. The end trucks will be the 70 ton version and intermediate trucks will be the 100 ton version. These 3-unit articulated sets come fully assembled, ready-to-run with body-mounted knuckle couplers. The target MSRP is $5 more than originally announced due to the higher cost of the upgraded trucks with metal wheels. We have redesigned the articulators, they were originally the same as the Maxi-Stack III. Now they will allow the car's wells to be packaged in a "3 up" box similar to the Kato box but with a window to display the car. There will be room to package containers with the car.
Arkansas-Oklahoma Railroad/III Transportation, Early Version - $74.95 Each
Preliminary artwork shown.
AOK/III Transportation Maxi-IV C WellAOK/III Transportation Maxi-IV C Well
We have changed 3 of these road numbers )the prototypes did not have the III Transportaion log)
#350301 Set 1 Road Number AOK 55154 (announced as 55006)
#350302 Set 2 Road Number AOK 55203 (announced as 55068)
#350303 Set 3 Road Number AOK 55276 (announced as 55105)
#350304 Set 4 Road Number AOK 55321
Mass Central, Early Version - $74.95 Each
Preliminary artwork shown.
#350501 Road Number MCER 5250
#350502 Road Number MCER 5255
#350503 Road Number MCER 5262
#350504 Road Number MCER 5267
Mass Central Maxi-IV
NEW! Iowa Interstate Railroad (No III Transportation Logo), Early Version - $74.95 Each
Preliminary artwork shown.
Iowa Interstate Maxi-IV C WellIowa Interstate Maxi-IV A Well
We have changed 2 of these road numbers (the prototypes had the III Transportaion logo)
#350601 Set 1 Road Number IAIS 55014
#350602 Set 2 Road Number IAIS 55137
#350603 Set 3 Road Number IAIS 55053 (announced as 55268)
#350604 Set 4 Road Number IAIS 55078 (announced as 55335)
NEW! Northwest Container Services, Late Version - $74.95 Each
Preliminary artwork shown.
#350701 Set 1 Road Number NWCX 1027
#350702 Set 2 Road Number NWCX 1028
#350703 Set 3 Road Number NWCX 1031
NW Container Maxi-IV
Guaranteed Orders for this Maxi-IV run due by December 30, 2010 for delivery by July 2011.
40' Container Chassis
Our 40' container chassis 2-pack comes fully assembled and decorated. The fine printing on the side of the frame is very small yet sharp and readable. Most versions even include logos on the mud flaps. These models look great under a container or just sitting in the yard waiting for a load.
Transamerica Chassis Transamerica #1051 - $22.95
APL Blue Chassis APL Blue #1061 - $22.95
Hanjin Chassis Hanjin Shipping #1111 - $22.95
Guaranteed Orders for this chassis run due by December 10, 2010 for delivery by February 2011.
Deep Rib Woodchip Gondola
All cars will have 100 ton trucks with knuckle couplers. Internal braces are included for modelers who want to run them empty. They are ready for our item #990413 drop in Woodchip Loads for Deep Rib Cars with cross-braces visible in the chips.
Canadian National
These cars have a minor but important difference on each side, the name is spelled "Canadian" on one side and "Canadien" on the other. A total of 10 different road numbers will be made in this run of brown cars with white lettering.
Canadian National Woodchip Car Single #100411 Road Number CN 873605 - $19.95
2-Pack #100412 Road Numbers CN 873628, 873636 - $39.90
3-Pack #100413 Road Numbers CN 873639, 873660, 873673 - $59.85
4-Pack #100414 Road Numbers CN 873600, 873611, 873642, 873654 - $79.80
Western Pacific
The Feather River Route railroad had only 10 of our deep rib woodchip gondolas, and we already released 7 numbers, so this single is a duplicate of a number in the 6-pack from 1995. The cars are black with white billboard lettering.
Western Pacific Woodchip Car Single #100711 Road Number WP 5108 - $19.95
3-Pack #100713 Road Numbers WP 5102, 5105, 5109 - $59.85
Southeastern Industrial Enterprises - TERX C&D/Trash Service Cars
The single car has different billboard lettering on each side, only one is illustrated, and no conspicuity striping. The 2-pack cars have stencils on 2 different panels and the 3-pack cars have a 2 pane stencil on one panel and have yellow conspicuity stripes. There are a total of 6 road numbers. Look for a run of shallow rib cars in TERX to be announced in the near future too.
TERX C&D/Trash Service Cars
TERX C&D/Trash Service Cars
Single #105611 Road Number TERX 233 - $20.95
2-Pack #105612 Road Numbers TERX 231, 236 - $39.90
3-Pack #105613 Road Numbers TERX 227, 228, 229 - $59.85
Dimensional Data Only
Ready for your favorite logo or reporting marks. All lettering is white. Cars have side-mounted brake ratchet.
Black Data Only Car Single #100011 Brown Data Only - $18.95
Single #100021 Black Data Only - $18.95

Guaranteed Orders for this Woodchip Gondola run due by December 10, 2010 for delivery by February 2011.
1944 AAR 40' Boxcar
DeLuxe Innovations offers a 40' AAR 1944 Boxcar with etched metal roofwalk, stirrups and brake wheel. The under frame detail is a separate part and the doors come closed but can be posed open. The car has riveted sides, 4-3-1 improved dreadnaught ends and a diagonal panel roof. All boxcars will have Micro-Trains® trucks with Magne-Matic® couplers.
Central Railroad of New Jersey
There cars are brown with white lettering and a multi-colored ACI tag. A small Central Railroad Company of New Jersey Miss Liberty herald is also printed in white. There are 3 different road numbers in this run.
CNJ 40' Boxcar Single #143611 Road Number CNJ 20979 - $22.95
2-Pack #143612 Road Numbers CNJ 20842, 20958 - $45.90
Minneapolis and St. Louis
These cars are straight out of a February 2008 Railroad Model Craftsman article. These cars are green with black roof and ends and yellow printing. There are 3 different road numbers offered. These cars were originally announced with item numbers 14371 and 14372 in error. These are the correct numbers.
M&StL 40' Boxcar Single #144711 Road Number M&StL 4844 - $22.95
2-Pack #144712 Road Numbers M&StL 4250, 4406 - $45.90
Limited Edition Boxcar Singles
Abraham Lincoln Friendship Train Boxcar Abraham Lincoln Friendship Train #143311 CB&Q 36262 - $34.95
This is a one-of-a-kind car. The CB&Q shops painted this boxcar in a special red, white and blue paint scheme for the Abraham Lincoln Friendship Train in January 1948. The Friendship Train carried food for European relief after World War II. The program had the backing of church organizations with CROP, the Christian Rural Overseas Program, taking the lead.
USAF Thunderbirds Boxcar USAF Thunderbirds Military Honors Series® #240431 - $29.95
This boxcar salutes the Air Demonstration Squadron of the U.S. Air Force. The Thunderbirds are based out of Nellis AFB in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year, they celebrate 55 years of representing over 500,000 Airmen, National Guardsmen and Reservists worldwide.
CNJ CNJ "Victory Garden" American Homefront Series® 240871 - $34.95
Americans were encouraged to grow their own during World War II so that more food was available for the war effort. This car, from the Garden State's own Central Railroad of New Jersey, has the classic Victory Garden poster on the left side of the door. Boxcars from this era wore the large "Lines" herald which we have omitted to keep the car from looking cluttered.
Guaranteed Orders for this Boxcar run due by December 10, 2010 for delivery by February 2011.
Armco Building
We are announcing a run of green Armco buildings and the restocking of blue and tan buildings. These buildings will all have a silver roof and door. Small Utility Building footprint: 2 1/8" by 1 1/4" plus 3/16" roof overhang on each side.
Armco Office Ready-To-Place Yard Office, Green #305 - $12.95 Each
The (train, truck or junk) Yard Office is painted, assembled and Ready-To-Place on your layout. Includes an A/C unit in the front wall. We are also restocking #302 Blue and #304 Tan Offices.
Pre-production photo shown.
Armco Workshop Ready-To-Place Workshop, Green #355 - $12.95 Each
The Workshop is painted, assembled and Ready-to-Place on your layout. It has an 8' roll-up door in one end. The door is included as a separate part so you can model it open or closed. There's also a wall vent in the other end. We are also restocking #352 Blue and #354 Tan Workshops.
Photo of alternate color shown.
Guaranteed Orders for this Armco Building run due by December 10, 2010 for delivery by January 2011.

Photos of pre-production sample, model from previous run, prototype photo and temporary artwork shown.

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