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December 2008 New N Scale Products from DeLuxe Innovations
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Armco Detail Sprue

Just added! Building Detail Sets (Item #390 Shown)
Click HERE or the photo for more details.

Liberty Squadron Series Memphis Belle 40' Boxcar #240661 $29.95
Memphis Belle was a B-17 (41-24485) that completed 25 missions before being rotated home. The plane was named for a character in a film starring John Wayne and Joan Blondell called Lady for a Night. The image came from Esquire Magazine's April 1941 issue's centerfold.
DT&I 40' Boxcar
Single #144211, 2-Pack #144212, 3-Pack #144213, Prices TBA

These boxcars are brown with white printing and the compass logo. There are 6 different road numbers in this run.
Rock Island "The Rock" 2-Bay Covered Hopper
Single #72011, 2-Pack #72012, 3-Pack #72013, Prices TBA

This is our second run of blue covered hoppers with "The Rock" herald. There are 6 different road numbers in this run.
Montana Rail Link Shallow Rib Woodchip Gondola
Single #160221, 2-Pack #160222, 3-Pack #160223, Prices TBA

There are 6 different road numbers in the third run of this popular car.
TTX Maxi-Stack III
Set 5 210135, Set 6 #210136, $99.95 each

Here are our 5th and 6th different road numbers on TTX Maxi IIIs.
Sea Star 53' Corrugated Container 2-Pack #13131 Price TBA
These sharp looking containers wear a paint scheme with bright red ends, dark blue in the middle and bold white lettering.
APL 40' Hi-Cube Container 5-Pack #520031 Price TBA
We're offering containers for this popular shipping line in a 5-Pack.
Matson 40' Dual Logo Panel Container 5-Pack #505081 Price TBA
This is our second run of brown Matson containers, this time in a 5-pack.
Hyundai 40' Container Chassis 2-Pack #1101 Price TBA
A nice bright red chassis to spice up your fleet. These will go well with our 40' Hi-Cubes.
KANE Is Able 53' Trailers, #713111 and #713112, $15.95 each
KANE, based in Scranton, Pennsylvania, manages a truckload fleet of over 900 trailers and operates 16 U.S. distribution centers across the country.

Guaranteed Orders for the Above Products Due by February 20, 2009
Delivery expected in the 3rd quarter of 2009

Photos of models from previous runs and temporary artwork shown.

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