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December 2010 New N Scale Products from DeLuxe Innovations
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RoadRailer PlateWall Trailers
DeLuxe Innovations offers a RoadRailer Trailer in 2 different body styles. These novel "freight cars" are a bimodal transportation system, they ride on the rails using a rail bogie and on the highway using tires and wheels. This run marks the first time we are also offering RoadRailer trailers set up exclusively for highway use. They will be in the same paint scheme as the rail trailers but will not have a truck or drawbar. The trailers set up for highway use will have 2 additional unique road numbers. Our models that are set up for rail use include the parts needed for highway use too. Also new this run is a single rail-use trailer with a Coupler Mate installed. Mounted on a trailer, they are too large to fit in the small plastic box and will come in our larger box. There will be one road number trailer (and one item number) available as a stock item for each road name we offer in the RoadRailer line. This will make it easier for modelers to get started yet since the road number is not unique it will allow us to offer it on an on-going basis by adding it on to any future run. The 5-packs originally announced are being replaced with a 6-pack and will not include a Coupler Mate. The Coupler Mate is available separately and mounted to a trailer. Separately, they will be in a small plastic box and include the parts needed to connect them to either the front or back or a train. Please note, prices listed are our best guess estimates only, they should be the actual MSRP. We hope they might even be a bit lower. The new factory doesn't even have the mold set up yet but we didn't want to wait since the will be running the mold as soon as it arrives.
Coupler Mate (with handrails) #180000 - $8.95 (restock)
NEW! Triple Crown Coupler Mate (no handrails) #180009 - $8.95
Triple Crown Micro Logo
Triple Crown Services is the king of the RoadRailer operators operating the largest fleet of RoadRailers in the world. They started out in 1986 as a joint venture between Conrail and Norfolk Southern to serve their priority customers. Triple Crown trains run in unit trains up to 125 units long. There are 13 different road numbers in this run set up for rail use and 2 for highway use.
Triple Crown Micro Logo PlateWall Trailer
Prototype photo courtesy of Mike Reardon
Single #180311 - $19.95
2-Pack #180312 - $39.90
3-Pack #180313 - $59.85
6-Pack #180316 (replaces 5-pack #180315) - $119.70
NEW! Single RoadRailer Trailer with Coupler Mate #189301 - $25.95
NEW! Single Highway Version Trailer 1 with Decorative Tongue Installed #714311 - $17.95
NEW! Single Highway Version Trailer 2 with Decorative Tongue Installed #714312 - $17.95
Schneider National
Schneider National started with a fleet of 53-foot bimodal trailers. One of the largest truckload carriers in the US, in 1994 Schneider said it decided to go with RoadRailer technology instead of investing in domestic containers, which it says did not have enough operational flexibility compared to conventional TOFC. There are 13 different road numbers in this run set up for rail use and 2 for highway use.
Schneider National PlateWall Trailer
Photo from previous run shown
Single #180511 - $19.95
2-Pack #180512 - $39.90
3-Pack #180513 - $59.85
6-Pack #180516 (replaces 5-pack #180515) - $119.70
NEW! Single RoadRailer Trailer with Coupler Mate #189501 - $25.95
NEW! Single Highway Version Trailer 1 with Highway Tongue Installed #701511 - $17.95
NEW! Single Highway Version Trailer 2 with Highway Tongue Installed #701512 - $17.95
Corrugated Containers
OOCL 40' Corrugated Hi-Cube Container OOCL 40' Hi-Cube 5-Pack #520011 - $37.95
Preliminary artwork shown.
APL 40' Corrugated Hi-Cube Container APL 40' Hi-Cube 5-Pack #520031 - $35.95
Preliminary artwork shown.
P&O Nedlloyd 45' Container P&O Nedlloyd 45' 2-Pack #6120 - $16.95
Preproduction sample shown.
Hanjin 45' Corrugated Container Hanjin 45' 2-Pack #6130 - $16.95
Preliminary artwork shown.
CSX Blue (simple version) 53' Corrugated Container CSX Blue (simple version) 53' 2-Pack #13121 - $17.95
Preliminary artwork shown.
CSX Blue (simple version) 53' Corrugated Container NEW! CSX "How tomorrow moves" Blue 53' 5-Pack #513181 - $39.95
Prototype photo courtey of Steve Dale.
J.B. Hunt 53' Corrugated Container J.B. Hunt 53' 2-Pack #13151 - $17.95
Preproduction sample shown.
40' Container Chassis
Our 40' container chassis 2-pack comes fully assembled and decorated. The fine printing on the side of the frame is very small yet sharp and readable. Most versions even include logos on the mud flaps. These models look great under a container or just sitting in the yard waiting for a load.
TRAC-Lease 40' Chassis TRAC-Lease #1021 - $22.95
Photo from previous run shown.
Maersk Sealand 40' Chassis Maersk Sealand #1091 - $22.95
Preliminary artwork shown.
Hyundai 40' Chassis Hyundai #1101 - $22.95
Preliminary artwork shown.

1944 AAR 40' Boxcar
DeLuxe Innovations offers a 40' AAR 1944 Boxcar with etched metal roofwalk, stirrups and brake wheel. The under frame detail is a separate part and the doors come closed but can be posed open. The car has riveted sides, 4-3-1 improved dreadnaught ends and a diagonal panel roof. All boxcars will have Micro-Trains® trucks with Magne-Matic® couplers.
Missouri Pacific with Large Buzz Saw Herald
There cars are reddish brown with white lettering and the large Buzz Saw herald. There are 6 different road numbers in this run, one car in each multi-pack has MI (Missouri-Illinois) reporting marks.
Missouri Pacific 40' boxcar with Large Buzz Saw Single #140711 Road Number MP 125764 - $22.95
2-Pack #140712 Road Numbers MP 125795, MI 190273 - $45.90
3-Pack #140713 Road Numbers MP 126854, 127168, MI 190266 - $68.85

Preliminary artwork shown.
Lehigh Valley Brown with Black Diamond Herald
There cars are brown with white lettering and a black diamond herald with LV in white. There are 6 different road numbers in this run.The both cars in the 2-pack are stores department cars with a large S in the upper left and the 3-pack has ex-Buffalo Creek cars.
Lehigh Valley 40' Boxcar
Lehigh Valley Stores Dept. Boxcars
Single #140811 Road Number LV 1900 - $22.95
2-Pack #140812 - Road Numbers LV 92352, 92355 - $45.90
3-Pack #140813 - Road Numbers LV 1736, 1751, 1756 - $68.85

Preliminary artwork shown.
ACL Brown Phosphate Service, some with Green Door and Placard
A special paint scheme for bagged phosphate service had a small placard with a yellow "P" on the green door. The single and one car in the 3-pack have this treatment. The other cars are all brown as not all captive service cars wore special paint. There are 4 different road numbers offered. *Denoted raod number with green doors.
ACL Brown Phosphate Service Boxcar with Green Door Single #143811 with Green Doors Road Number ACL 23515 - $23.95
3-Pack #143813 Road Numbers ACL 21863 (green doors), 22403, 23260 - $71.85

Preliminary artwork shown.
Guaranteed Orders Date for the above items is January 24, 2011 for delivery by April 2011
Distribution Items
We are now distributing models imported by S&R Models. They are importing 2 sets of heavy equipment models, both include container handling equipment. These are very detailed N Gauge (1:150) models that look right at home on any N scale layout* and include extra detail parts such as mirrors. S&R has also commissioned Arnold to produce Limited Edition Special Run containers. They are N scale (1:160) and even have printing on the roof. Order or reserve yours now. *The only items that are over-sized are the Maruka containers, they measure 42.5 N scale feet.

New container handler photos posted:
Yellow FD430 - Detailed
Blue FD430 with container - Front View
Blue FD430 with container - Grabber Arms Raised
Blue FD430 with container - Side View
Blue MR450 - Detailed
Fujimoto Heavy Construction (1:150)
Fujimoto Hobby Collection Vol.2 10-Pack #FH-NK02 - $149.95
Single Blue FD430 Container Forklift (#FJM-430-B) - $28.95 Each
Single Yellow FD430 Container Forklift (#FJM-430-Y) - $28.95 Each
Maruka Hyper Construction V3
There are 5 different pieces of equipment, 2 of each, in 2 different colors. All have rubber tires or tracks. The TCM FD430 is a forklift-style container handler, its spreader arms will easily hold wider 48' and 53' containers without the unit toppling over. The cab can be mounted flush with the body or on an extended platform. The Hitachi excavator and bucket loader are both common at job sights. The Sakai GW750 Pneumatic Tired Roller uses vibrating tires to compact asphalt more evenly. The Hanta asphalt paver is a smaller model but packed with detail. As a bonus, some of the vehicles come with 2 steel beams. All of these pieces make great flatcar loads too. Click for FD-430 assembly instructions.
Maruka Hyper Construction (1:150)
12-Pack V.3 with MR450 Reach Stacker Models #MHC-V3 - $153.95
Single MR450 in Yellow (#MR450-Y) or Blue (#MR450-B) - $25.00 Each - Both Coming Later in 2011
Click image to see set flyer
Click image to see extended crane arm
There are 5 different pieces of equipment in this 12-pack. Wheels turn, treads roll and most other parts turn or rotate. The TCM Reach Stacker's arm is sized for wider 48' and 53' containers as is - S&R is working on a true 1:160 upgrade arm kit to grasp standard width containers. The tracked crawler crane comes with both extended and retracted arms and also has retracting rail wheels. The bulldozer makes a great load too. The cement mixer's cab is a bit large in a 1:160 world but can easily be kit-bashed with another cab. The barrel is the same size as the Athearn's model.
Arnold 20' Container 8-Pack
Item #SRM-57081 - $55.80
Shipping in January

Containers of the World This is the first release in S&R Models "Containers of the World" series. There are 8 different paint schemes in this pack on Arnold's true N scale (1:160) 20' by 8' height corrugated containers. Names included: APL, Hanjin, Itel, Matson, Maxu, TFL, Tiphook, and Unicorn. These schemes include 2 shades of both orange and brown for real variety. They are packaged in a plastic jewel box and include printing on the roof for crane operators. Due here in late December.
Arnold Special Run 20' Containers

Photos of pre-production samples, model from previous runs, prototype photos and temporary artwork shown.

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