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December 2012 New N Scale Products from DeLuxe Innovations
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Deep Rib Woodchip Gondolas
All cars will come equipped with Atlas 100 ton roller bearing trucks. Internal braces are included for modelers who want to run them empty. They are ready for our item #990413 3-Pack of drop in Woodchip Loads for Deep Rib Cars with cross-braces visible in the chips.
Greenbrier Leasing Deep Rib Cars with High-mounted Brakewheel
Greenbrier Leasing acquired these cars and quickly put them into service after applying black patches and new reporting marks. Later, the old heralds were patched in body (almost!) color paint. A total of 9 different road numbers will be made in this run of brown and green cars with white lettering.
Greenbrier Woodchip Car Brown ex-NP in 3 Road Numbers
Single #106011 Road Number GBRX 34691 - $19.95
2-Pack #106012 Road Numbers GBRX 34681, 34694 - $39.90
Greenbrier Woodchip Car Green ex-BN in 6 Road Numbers
Single #106021 Road Number GBRX 34536 - $19.95
2-Pack #106022 Road Numbers GBRX 34527, 34534 $39.90
3-Pack #106023 Road Numbers GBRX 34505, 34511, 34526 - $59.85

Preliminary artwork shown
Pre-Orders for the above items due January 21, 2013 for delivery the second quarter of 2013

Reminder: The below runs will also be delivered in the 2nd quarter of 2013, be sure your order is in.
Southeastern Industrial Enterprises - TERX C&D/Trash Service Deep Rib Cars
The single car has different billboard lettering on each side, only one is illustrated, and no conspicuity striping. The 2-pack cars have stencils on 2 different panels and the 3-pack cars have a 2 pane stencil on one panel and have yellow conspicuity stripes. There are a total of 6 road numbers.
TERX C&D/Trash Service Cars
TERX C&D/Trash Service Cars
Single #105611 Road Number TERX 233 - $20.95
2-Pack #105612 Road Numbers TERX 231, 236 - $39.90
3-Pack #105613 Road Numbers TERX 227, 228, 229 - $59.85

Prototype photos shown
Montana Rail Link Shallow Rib Woodchip Gondolas
There are 6 new road numbers in this 3rd run of MRL woodchip cars.
Montana Rail Link Woodchip Car Single Car Road Number MRL 35012 #160221 - $19.95
2-Pack Road Numbers MRL 35027, 35038 #160222 - $39.90
3-Pack Road Numbers MRL 35041, 35059, 35064
#160223 - $59.85

Car from previous run shown
40' Corrugated Containers
Brown dimi data 40' container Dimensional Data Only Brown 2-Pack #5011 - $15.95
Preliminary artwork shown

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