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January 2009 Deluxe Innovations New N Scale Products Shipped
Hyundai 20' Corrugated Container 2-Pack #3031 $12.95
Hyundai's red-orange dry boxes are a common sight around the world. 20' containers are often used when heavy cargoes would max out highway weight limits long before a 40' box would be filled. That is also why they are often seen in a stack car without another container in the top position, 2 have reached the weight limit of that well.
Capital 40' Hi-Cube Corrugated Container 2-Pack #20121 $12.95
Capital Intermodal supplies and finances a wide range of containers and container equipment. Capital, like tex, Genstar, Tiphook, CAI and others, operates no ships. Their business is leasing containers to customers who want to guarantee a steady supply of containers. Shipping lines also lease these containers to supplement their own fleet.
Santa Fe 48' Smooth Side Container 2-Pack #8043 $11.95
Although Santa Fe trailed their neighbors in adopting double stack technology by a couple of years, once they jumped in, they did so with a vengeance. By the time of the merger with Burlington Northern, Santa Fe was the undisputed king of intermodal. This is the fourth run of this container from DeLuxe, each with different road numbers.
UCS 40' Dual Logo Panel Container 2-Pack #5451 $13.95
United Container Systems AB later became United Container Systems GmbH, a container leasing company based in Hamburg, Germany. The standard 40' corrugated container is the most common type in operation today. Many leasing companies have entered the business with these ubiquitous steel boxes. Their height and width fall within international standards so they can be seen in almost every country in the world.
XTRA 40' Dual Logo Panel Container 2-Pack #5441 $13.95
These XTRA 40' standard height corrugated containers were once a common site on America's rails and roads. XTRA Corporation sold off most of its container business in the late 1980s, with the bulk of their containers being acquired by the Itel Corporation of Chicago.
Canadian National RoadRailer (No Drop Shadows)
Single #290601 $17.95, 3-Pack #290603 $53.85, 6-Pack #290606 $107.70

CN began its RoadRailer service between Montreal and Toronto and then expanded it to Chicago. Then they began interchange service with the BNSF RoadRailer train from Chicago to California. These trailers are gray with silver trim and black, white and red lettering and logos. There are a total of 10 road numbers in this run.
Xtra 48' Trailer 1 #712601, Trailer 2 #712602 $15.95 each
XTRA Corporation, founded in 1992, maintains a fleet of over 100,000 trailers servicing the US, Canada and Mexico. This trailer is representative of a typical 48' trailer from the company's Intermodal division. XTRA was formed as the result of a merger between AJF Leasing and Strick Lease, and is headquartered in St. Louis, MO.

DeLuxe Innovations 15th Anniversary 40' Boxcar 2-Pack
#131012 $43.00

2008 marked the 15th anniversary of the DeLuxe Innovations brand! This 2-pack is on our 40' boxcar without roofwalk. One box car wears the original deLuxe logo and carries roadnumber 1993 and the other wears the new logo and carries roadnumber 2008. Both sport eye catching multi-colored camouflage.
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