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January 2014 Deluxe Innovations New N Scale Products Shipped
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Ready-To-Place Armco Buildings
Now shipping, our new guardhouse and drive-through shed. The guardhouse features entry doors on both sides and is designed to split a perimeter fence. This allows access through a "street side" door, you pass through security, then exit to the fenced in area. There are windows on all 4 sides for better visibility. The drive-through shed (called a tractor shed in some parts of the country) has 8' roll-up doors at each end. We mold the open door frame and give you 2 doors to add if you like. You can even cut the door down and have it partially open. Building footprint: 2 1/8" by 1 1/4" plus 3/16" roof overhang on each side. These new items are available in brown and red, new colors for the line, as well as gray, blue, tan and green. We also produced yard offices and workshops in brown and red in this run. Model photos shown to illustrate each color. (White is not shown.)
Brown Armco Guardhouse Red Armco Shed
Gray Armco Shed Blue Armco Shed
Green Armco Shed Tan Armco Shed
Photos of production models shown
All New Armco Guardhouse and Shed - $13.95 each
Gray Guardhouse #331
Blue Guardhouse #332
Tan Guardhouse #334
Green Guardhouse #335
Brown Guardhouse #336
Red Guardhouse #337
Gray Shed #381
Blue Shed #382
Tan Shed #384
Green Shed #385
Brown Shed #386
Red Shed #387
New Armco Yard Offices and Workshops - $12.95 each
Brown Office #306
Red Office #307
Brown Workshop #356
Red Workshop #357
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