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Deluxe Innovations Arrivals for February 2008

Evergreen 40' Hi-Cube Container #20070 2-Pack $11.95

Evergreen Marine Corporation is one of the largest shipping lines in the world. They also own Uniglory, which is a container leasing business, and EVA Air which is a trans-Pacific passenger and air-cargo carrier. Also in the Evergreen family of shipping lines are ITALIA, Hatsu Marine and Lloyd Triestino.


Maersk Sealand 40' Hi-Cube Container #20080 2-Pack $11.95

The biggest of the shipping industry mega-mergers has been Maersk Sealand. Only Sealand's international business was part of the deal. CSX Corporation retained ownership of Sealand's domestic business and operated it under the name "CSX Lines" (including oddly enough, a stylized version of the old Sealand logo.) This business was later sold to The Carlyle Group and is operating now under the name "Horizon Lines."


China Shipping 40' Hi-Cube Container #20091 2-Pack $11.95

China Shipping underwent a huge expansion when several small coastal shipping lines in mainland China were combined. The result was one of the largest carriers in the world appearing seemingly from nowhere virtually overnight. The green 40 footers and there 20 foot companions surged onto the intermodal scene joining their older dolphin adorned reefer boxes.


Seaboard Coast Line Deep Rib Woodchip Car, #105601 single $19.95, #105603 3-Pack $59.85

Seaboard Coast Line was born in 1967 with the merger of Atlantic Coast Line and Seaboard Air Line. SCL would later acquire Piedmont & Northern and Durham & Southern creating a system in the 9,000 mile range, serving six southern states. The South's manufacturing base was booming during this period and SCL rostered over 60,000 freight cars to serve it. That's enough to make a solid train from Norfolk, Virginia to Atlanta, Georgia! SCL's chip gons are used to haul woodchips from sawmills to paper and chip board mills.


CSX ex-SCL Deep Rib Woodchip Cars #105701 single $19.95, #105703 3-Pack $59.85

The road from "Seabord Coast Line" to "CSX" is a little convoluted. The six railroads know as The Family Lines included, and were controlled by, SCL but all still remained separate. SCL merged with Chessie System (B&O, C&O, WM) to form CSX Corporation in 1980. But Chessie and Family Lines continued to operate separately as "CSX Companies." In 1983, the six Family Lines were merged into "Seaboard System." In 1986, Seaboard System changed its name to CSX Transportation and the first CSX engines and cars appeared (of both Seaboard and Chessie heritage.) Thousands of renumbered CSX cars, including these chip gons, serve in their original paint.

Woodchip loads are also available from your DeLuxe dealer.

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