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Deluxe Innovations N Scale Products Shipped in February 2007
240251 US Coast Guard 5th District 40' Box Car #240251 $29.95

The US Coast Guard's Fifth District covers the Mid-Atlantic states. This is the second Coast Guard release and eleventh Military Honors release overall. This white car features seven colors in the logos and lettering. For each car purchased, a donation will be made to the US Warrior Survivor Foundation, the National Military Family Association, and/orService Foundation.

143101 Rock Island 40' Box Car #143101 $19.95, 2-Pack #143102 $39.90

Rock Island acquired these cars in April from American Car & Foundry. Like all midwest railroads, the standard 40' box car was the core of the Rock Island freight car fleet. Until the mid-1960s, 50 ton box cars were THE method for moving bulk grain. They were light enough for the lightest of branch lines and could be used for general freight when the harvest was over. Covered hoppers had been in use since the late 1930s but their use in hauling grain was limited until the mid to late 1960s.

711301 Quantum Santa Fe/JB Hunt 48' Highway Trailer #711301, #711311 $14.95 each

Quantum was a joint venture between Santa Fe and JB Hunt. These 48' trailers featured the names of both partners along with the new Quantum logo. The doors were painted yellow, holding with Hunt's common practice. While the Quantun project has since come to an end, Hunt continues to be an important customer for Santa Fe successor BNSF. This release is available in 2 different road numbers.

290401 Triple Crown RoadRailer (ex-CN) #290401 $18.75, 6-Pack #290406 $112.50

DuraPlate trailers differ from Plate Wall trailers because they lack the vertical stiffeners on the sides. This is due to the aluminum-plastic composite used in the side panels which doesn't require further stiffening. Triple Crown received these RoadRailer trailers new from the factory and second hand from Canadian National. The new trailers were delivered in white paint while the CN's were a light tan. TCS removed the CN lettering leaving a slightly darker "ghost" behind, and added their own logos. The placement of the Triple Crown logos varies on some trailers and these features have been reproduced in this set. These trailers are freely mixed with the rest of the Triple Crown fleet and can be seen operating on Norfolk Southern, BNSF, Union Pacific, and (ironically) Canadian National. The single trailer is ex-CN and the 6-pack contains 3 white and 3 ex-CN trailers.

13080 Hub Group 53' Corrugated Container 2-Pack #13080 $13.95

Hub Group has long been a partner in BNSF container operations with their logo often sharing space with the BNSF logo on domestic boxes. With BNSF's exit from the equipment business, Hub is going it alone with these bright red boxes.

1010 Flexi-Van 40' Container Chassis 2-Pack (part 1 of 1st run) #1010 $16.45

New Jersey based Flexi-Van is the preeminent container chassis lessor in North America. With the acquisition of the marine chassis fleet of TIP in 2002 and the chassis fleet of XTRA in 2004, the Flexi-Van fleet swelled to a whopping 157,000 chassis! These lease fleets permit shipping lines to concentrate on the shipping and leave the chassis management to someone else.

13050 Alaska Marine Lines 53' Corrugated Container 2-Pack #13050 $13.65

Alaska Marine Lines uses ocean going barges to connect Alaska with the port of Seattle. Northbound loads are often groceries while timber products and other Alaskan goods make up the back-haul. Many of these back-hauls warrant a train trip deep into the "Lower 48."

240371 Akron, Canton & Youngstown 40' Box Car American Homefront Series "Save Rubber" #240371 $29.95

The Akron Canton &Youngstown was a 170 mile carrier across Ohio. Tires from the Akron area were a major source of traffic for the ACY. Appropriately, this car presents the "Save Rubber" poster. "They've got more important places to go than you!... Save Rubber. CHECK YOUR TIRES NOW," along with the image of four GI's in a jeep sends another message of war time rationing.

240471 Milwaukee Road 40' Box Car American Homefront Series "Quiet!" #240471 $29.95

At the onset of the Second World War, Milwaukee Road still trumpeted their full name (Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul & Pacific) in their rectangular logo. The poster on this car is one of many variations on the "Loose Lips Sink Ships" theme. This one proclaims,"QUIET! LOOSE TALK CAN COST LIVES."

160211 Montana Rail Link Shallow Rib Wood Chip Cars #160211 $17.25, 2-Pack #160212 $34.50 3-Pack #160213 $51.75

Montana Rail Link began in 1987 when Burlington Northern spun off their former Northern Pacific route through western Montana. MRL now connects Billings with Spokane, WA. Much of their rolling stock, including these chip gons, came from BN.

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