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March 2012 Deluxe Innovations New N Scale Products Shipped
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40' Container Chassis
Our 40' container chassis 2-pack comes fully assembled and decorated. The fine printing on the side of the frame is very small yet sharp and readable. Most versions even include logos on the mud flaps. These models look great under a container or just sitting in the yard waiting for a load.
APL Blue Chassis APL Blue #1061 - $22.95
APL, or American President Lines, is best known to the maritime industry for its fleet of ships named for American presidents and to rail fans for pioneering the "land bridge" double stack train.
Maersk Sealand 40' Chassis Maersk Sealand #1091 - $22.95
In 1999, the A.P. Moller Group acquired the international container business of Sea-Land Service Inc. With integration of the two lines, Maersk Line changed its name to Maersk Sealand.
Hyundai 40' Chassis Hyundai #1101 - $22.95
Hyundai red-orange containers are a common sight around the world. This pair of red-orange container chassis models will add some colorful variety to your chassis fleet.
Hanjin Chassis Hanjin Shipping #1111 - $22.95
Hanjin Shipping is Korea's largest container carrier and one of the top ten in the world. They are part of Hanjin Group, a large South Korean conglomerate that also includes Korean Air Lines.
In stock too: 40' Container Chassis Kit - Black (2) - #1001 - $9.95
The kit includes parts for 2 chassis.
40' Refrigerated Container
Itel 40' Refrigerated Container Itel 40' Refrigerated 2-Pack #4101 - $16.95
Itel Corporation is a diversified transportation and logistics company. It was founded in 1967 by San Francisco businessmen Peter Redfield and Gary Friedman, primarily as a leasing company for computer systems. Itel Container is the world’s largest intermodal container lessor.
Dole 40' Refrigerated Container
Dole is a registered trademark of Dole Food Company, Inc.
Dole 40' Refrigerated 5-Pack #504391 - $39.95
For over three decades, Dole Ocean Cargo Express has been handling and transporting cargo internationally. It began in 1964, with Dole’s Standard Fruit and Steamship Company which operated as Vacaro Line. Vacaro specialized in break bulk, mainly perishables and temperature-sensitive cargoes. In the early 1980s, Vacaro Line became Intercontinental Transportation Services, advancing from break bulk to containerized capabilities. Developed exclusively for the purpose of delivering Dole’s fresh temperature sensitive cargo, Dole Ocean Cargo Express has since grown with the industry and expanded its borders to handle all types of cargo.
48' Smooth Side Containers
CN Laser 48' Container CN Laser 48' 2-Pack #8071 - $17.95
CN’s domestic intermodal service provides full transborder shipping services of containers to the U.S. and within Canada. There are a couple different variations of the basic Laser paint scheme, both of these wear CN Intermodal lettering without another logo.
BN America 48 BN America 48' Smooth Side Container 2-Pack #8084 $17.95
Burlington Northern jumped into the domestic container business with both feet in the mid-80’s with a huge fleet of 48’ boxes operating through subsidiary BN America.whose logos appear on all 4 sides. Side logos are reversed so the large BN always faces the nose of the container.
NYK/Transamerica 48' Container NYK/Transamerica 48' 2-Pack #8141 - $17.95
NYK and Transamerica formed a partnership for 48’ drybox containers in the US domestic market. Both of these containers are rostered to TAL holding company, and are operated by NYK. About one third of the fleet has the Transamerica tower on the side, the rest just say NYK.
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