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March 2013 Deluxe Innovations New N Scale Products Shipped
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40' Standard Height Corrugated Containers with Dual Logo Panels
Our 40' corrugated containers are 8.5 feet to the rooftop, that's considered standard height. They have an area on each end of the side, without corrugations, for placement of logos and are designated Dual Logo Panel containers to distinguish them from a fully corrugated side. Our body is molded with the bottom open where the floor is inserted. You can gently pry the bottom out from the door end and add a weight if desired. .
Matson Leasing 40' Container Matson Leasing 5-Pack #505081 - $39.95
Matson Shipping Lines started as a Hawaii-Mainland shipping specialist. Matson is a American shipping line that handles much of the sea traffic between the U.S. west coast and America's territories in the Pacific Rim. They have grown to international status. Their familiar logo has graced containers in many configurations, including 24' and 28' containers in dedicated service. This red and white scheme belongs to their leasing division, which was sold in 1996. All of these containers will be repainted, the first ones disappeared in 1997. This scheme was originated in 1985.
U.S. Navy CONEX Box
U.S. Navy CONEX Box Doors
U.S. Navy CONEX Box 5-Pack #505491 - $34.95
The military has acronyms for everything and these are "CONEX" boxes. That is short for CONtainer EXpress, a military shipping container. These gray CONEX boxes are regular 40' corrugated containers and simply have "USN" in black on both sides in the logo panels. All data and road numbers are on the doors. They are used for moving anything the Navy needs moved, except munitions. Often seen on the rails, they can also be spotted onboard Navy ships and dockside.
Zim 40' Container Zim 2-Pack #5131 - $17.95
Zim was founded in 1945 by the Jewish Agency and the Histadrut (General Federation of Laborers in the Land of Israel). During the first years, the main task was transporting hundreds of thousands of immigrants to the emerging state of Israel. During the 1970s ZIM expanded into the container shipping business and gradually made this its main line of business.
Brown dimi data 40' container Dimensional Data Only - Brown 2-Pack #5011 - $15.95
These Dimensional Data 40' dual logo panel corrugated containers have brown bodies with white printing. Called "dimi data" containers, they are painted and partially printed, ready to finish with your favorite shipping company decals. They are designed to save you time and effort. Decals are available from Microscale and other sources.
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