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Deluxe Innovations N Scale Products Shipped in March 2007
160401 Golden West Service Shallow Rib Wood Chip Car w/grafitti #160401 $22.45, 3-Pack #160403 $73.45

Golden West Service grew from a relationship between Southern Pacific and Greenbrier Industries (owner of Gunderson and other rail car builders). Greenbrier re-built thousands of former SP cars of every design and leased them to shortlines and private car operators under the Golden West name. These particular cars are leased to Ventura County Railway, one of many short lines who augment their income by renting out freight cars nationwide. These Golden West cars feature a sun bleached verion of Golden West blue and yellow, and graffiti reproduced from actual woodchip cars.

160301 Willamette & Pacific Shallow Rib Wood Chip Car #160301 $19.95, 3-Pack #160303 $59.25

Oregon shortline Willamette & Pacific aquired these cars from Southern Pacific. Willamette & Pacific is a part of the Genesee & Wyoming Family of shortlines. Traffic is primarily forest and paper products, scrap, and steel. Unlike our previous run of WPRR cars, these are painted in the Genesee & Wyoming Orange and Black. This run includes 2 variations. One car in the 3 pack contains an alternate paint scheme version, without the railroad name and with different logo placement and roadnumber style.

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