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Deluxe Innovations N Scale Products Shipped in April 2007
143301 CB&Q green "100,000th" 1944 AAR 40' Box Car #143301 $20.95

Burlington Route had thousands of these XM-32 class box cars in a number of paint schemes, but this car was unique. Outshopped in 1948, CB&Q 37000 was the 100,000th car equipped with Unit trucks (a slight variation of the typical 50 ton friction bearing truck.) The car was painted apple green with yellow lettering and displayed at the Chicago Railroad Fair before joining its brethren in revenue service.

1020 TRAC Lease 40' Container Chassis 2-Pack (part 1 of 1st run) #1020 $16.45

TRAC Lease is the chassis management subsidiary of container leasing giant Interpool. They have a fleet of over 200,000 chassis of various lengths. The TRAC Lease fleet is operated separetly from the Interpool container fleet so it is common for other lessor boxes to ride these chassis. These lease fleets permit shipping lines to concentrate on the shipping and leave the chassis management to someone else.

3230 Genstar 20' Corrugated Container 2-Pack #3230 $12.75

Genstar began in the container leasing business in Canada in 1981. In 1986, the leasing company was sold to GE Capital Services who rapidly expanded operations and made Genstar containers a common sight around the world.

3240 Contship 20' Corrugated Container 2-Pack #3240 $12.75

Contship Container line was formed in Britain in 1968 to take advantage of the containerization movement that was sweeping the shipping industry. Initially concentrating on the Transatlantic lanes, they ultimately spread to much of the world. Contship was acquired by CP Ships (of Canada) in 1997 but remained a separate brand until the end of 2005. CP Ships is now being acquired by Hapag Lloyd (of Germany.)

9060 Kaje Transport 48' Container with Reefer Unit Kit 2-Pack #9060 $12.45

Kaje Transport was one of a handful of trucking lines to use refrigerated domestic containers. The containers were made from a variation on the standard 48' insulated dry box design with the cooling unit and power plant countersunk into the nose of the container. This was so they would fit in the bottom position of a 48' well car. The models come with cast resin refrigerator units you can install.

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