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June 2011 Deluxe Innovations New N Scale Products Shipped
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Conrail Mercury 48' Container-both sides Conrail Mercury 48' Container-ends Conrail Mercury 48' Smooth Side 2-Pack
Made in U.S.A. #8061 - $18.95

This is our third run of these domestic dry boxes and they're also a perfect fit in the lower position of our Maxi-IIIs. Conrail was the largest intermodal carrier in the United States by the mid-80s. Mercury Service was started in 1989, specializing in door-to-door and customized service for the U. S. Postal Service using dedicated trailers and containers. These 48' domestic "dry boxes" were the first step in higher capacity containers in the competitive domestic shipping market.
Black Container Chassis Kit 40' Container Chassis Kit - Black (2) - #1001 - $9.95
The black frame chassis kit has been restocked. The kit includes parts for 2 chassis.
Don't forget about last month's arrivals...
Swift Transportation Truck Cab Decals - #991901 - $4.95
This Swift set is our first release of tractor decals. Their tractors can be seen throughout the nation’s highways pulling Swift and M.S. Carriers trailers. They are usually white and the logo comes right up over the sleeper side windows on some. They are sized to fit the Kato Volvo tractor and have the "Volvo vent" included as a decal element. They are also appropriate for other brand tractors and include two-color blue stripes for older models. They have been produced for us by Microscale. Each set has enough decals for 4 units with correct cab numbers plus some "0 to 9" number sets so you can make your own unit numbers.
Swift Transportation Tractor Cab Decals
Click HERE to download instructions.
Gray Container Chassis Kit 40' Container Chassis Kit - Gray (2) - #1006 - $9.95
Back in stock after a long absence are 40' container chassis kits in gray. The kit includes parts for 2 chassis.
RoadRailer® CouplerMate RoadRailer® CouplerMate - #180000 - $7.95
We have made a batch of Coupler Mate Rail Bogies. They are the "Original" CouplerMate with Accumate couplers and low profile plastic wheels. Every RoadRailer® train requires a minimum of one CouplerMate to connect to the locomotive or other cars. It comes set up for use on the front of the train and now includes the CoupleMate tongue too.
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