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June 2013 Deluxe Innovations New N Scale Products Shipped
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40' Standard Height Corrugated Containers with Dual Logo Panels
Our 40' corrugated containers are 8.5 feet to the rooftop, that's considered standard height. They have an area on each end of the side, without corrugations, for placement of logos and are designated Dual Logo Panel containers to distinguish them from a fully corrugated side. Our body is molded with the bottom open where the floor is inserted. You can gently pry the bottom out from the door end and add a weight if desired. .
Hanjin Shipping 40' Container Hanjin Shipping 5-Pack #505031 - $41.95
Hanjin Shipping is Korea's largest container carrier and with control of DSR-Senator Line, the third largest German shipping line, one of the top ten in the world. They are part of Hanjin Group, a large South Korean conglomerate that includes Korean Air Lines and transports over 100 million tons of ocean cargo annually. Hanjin Shipping has its own subsidiaries dedicated to ocean transportation, terminal operation, ship management and ship repair.
Tiphook 40' Container Tiphook 5-Pack #505461 - $34.95
Tiphook PLC was a transport services company in the United Kingdom which became the world’s second largest marine container leasing business in the 1990s. They did not own any ships but rather provided containers to shipping lines and high volume customers who wanted to insulate themselves from the swings in the container space market. After a debt-fuelled buying spree in the late 1980s, it crashed in the early 1990s after accounting changes brought about by its expansion into North America resulted in a technical and then actual default in its debt. The company agreed to reduce its debts by selling off its profitable container business to Transamerica Corporation in February 1994.
Sea-Land 40' Container Sea-Land 2-Pack #5121 - $18.95
Sea-Land Service, Inc. was a shipping and containerization company founded by American entrepreneur Malcom McLean in 1960 with a long history of intermodal innovation. They were a pioneer in the "land bridge" concept. Their international liner company was sold to A. P. Moller-Maersk Group in December 1999 and the domestic liner company went public and now operates as Horizon Lines, Inc.
Sea-Land 40' Container Sea-Land Squeak N Products Special Run 2-Pack #5122 - $18.95
Sea-Land was a shipping and containerization company founded in 1960 with a long history of intermodal innovation. They were a pioneer of the "land bridge" concept of cross-country trains. The Susquehanna, operator of the eastern terminal, had a fleet of Twinstack well cars to handle these trains. This is a special run from Squeak N Products. Visit to see more of their special runs.
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