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August 2009 Deluxe Innovations New N Scale Products Shipped
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Weathered BN boxcar Burlington Northern WeatherFactory™ 40' Boxcars
Single #130111 $25.00, 2-Pack #130112 $50.00

These Burlington Northern boxcars without roofwalk are new to our WeatherFactory™ Line. There are 3 different road numbers, the single is number 124258 and does not have a consolidated stencil, the 2-pack includes numbers 121100 and 122674, both with consolidated stencils. These cars are from our previous run of BN boxcars, we have applied light weathering to the car, including the trucks and the roof. Factory-equipped with Micro-Trains LineŽ trucks and couplers (the regular production run cars were equipped with Atlas/Accumate trucks and couplers).
Deep Rib Woodchip Load Deep Rib Woodchip Gondola Loads #990413 Package of 3 $7.95
These woodchip loads are designed for our Deep Rib car and have 3 cross-braces visible among the woodchips. They may need to be lightly sanded on the sides and ends for a snug fit. Test fit them first to be sure. They are colored correctly for pine and don't need to be painted. For other woods, apply a light wash of a darker color. You can use gray, brown or even black depending on the wood. The cross braces would usually be the same color as the car body but can be black and rusty from use. Resin casting by Fine N-Scale Products.
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