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Deluxe Innovations N Scale Products Shipped in August 2007
711611 CSL Intermodal 48' Highway Trailer

CSX established CSL Intermodal to be a quasi-independent intermodal marketing company. They were free to book passage on any railroad for their fleet of trailers and containers. Eventually it was decided to change the name to CSX Intermodal but the "free agent" style of operation remains largely intact. This release is available in 2 different road numbers. #711601 and #711611 $15.95


NPE 48' Highway Trailer

NPE stands for Nickel Plate Express although they are better know by their initials. Despite the similarity in name there is no relation between the this Eugene, Oregon based truck line and the New York, Chicago & St. Loius Railroad better known as the Nickel Plate Road. The former is a vibrant, going concern while the latter merged into N&W in 1964. This release is available in 2 different road numbers. #712001 and #712011 $14.95


FEC 48' Highway Trailer

Florida East Coast's hurricane logo is a familiar one to intermmodal train watchers across America. The rails of this fiesty carrier may never stray from the Sunshine State but their equipment sure does. In fact, FEC's trailer fleet exceeds that of most Class Ones! In addition to these 48 footers, FEC has operated TOFC trailers from 40' to 53' in length. This release is available in 2 different road numbers. #711901 and #711911 $14.95


YS Line 40' Dual Logo Panel Container

Japan based Yamashita-Shinnihon Line (YS Line) was a power house of international container shipping from the 1970s to the early 90s. They merged with Japan Line to form Nippon Liner System. Their successor merged into Mitsui O.S.K., known for their famous alligator logo, and many of these boxes still serve Mitsui today. #5360 2 pack $9.95


APL 53' Corrugated Containers

American President Lines aquired these 53' boxes for domestic service prior to their merger with Neptune Orient Line. After the merger, APL's domestic was sold to Pacer Stacktrain. These containers, still with their original lettering and road numbers, now operate as part of the Pacer Stacktrain fleet. #13070 2 pack $12.65

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