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September 2010 Deluxe Innovations New N Scale Products Shipped
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Second Run of 20' Smooth Side Refrigerated Containers Shipping Now!
This body style has been produced in conjunction with Australian dealer and manufacturer Aust-N-Rail. All sales in Australia must go through them. Undecorated 2-Pack #30001 - $9.95
COSCO 20' Reefer Container COSCO 20' Refrigerated Container 2-Pack #30051 - $13.95
China Ocean Shipping Company was founded in 1961 in Beijing, China and began shipping cargo in intermodal containers in 1978. COSCO has grown into a worldwide provider of container services, including an investments in China International Marine Container Co. (CIMC) and shipbuilding and repair businesses. The COSCO Panda has been used for many years, he replaced the earlier COSCO dolphin. Road numbers CBHU 267079 1 22R1 and CBHU 267154 5 22R1 included in this 2-pack.
Hamburg-Sud 20' Reefer Container Hamburg-Süd 20' Refrigerated Container 2-Pack #30061 - $13.95
Hamburg Süd was founded in 1871 as a traditional North-South carrier and has evolved into a worldwide transportation company ranking among the top five reefer container carriers worldwide and in the South American markets. Hamburg Süd has a large fleet of modern integrated reefer containers with cooling facilities built into the container which this model represents. The integrated container is especially suitable for door-to-door transport because only electrical power is required. Road numbers SUDU 113395 9 22R1 and SUDU 113762 0 22R1 included in this 2-pack.
"K" Line 20' Refrigerated Container 2-Pack #30071 - $13.95
"K" Line - Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. - is the third largest Japanese shipping line. From its beginnings in 1919, "K" Line has been known for its emphasis on specialized service. "K" Line's Liner Service has developed exclusive advanced systems in areas including container handling, garments, and self-contained double- stack trains for refrigerated containers and other commodities. These modern reefers are white with "K" Line offset in a red rectangle. Road numbers KKTU 604350 6 22R1 and KKTU 604387 9 22R1 included in this 2-pack.
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