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Deluxe Innovations Arrivals for October 2008
8280 CP Beaver 48' Smooth Side Container 2-Pack #8280 $12.95
The beaver shield was used in the first CP scheme back in the 1880s. These 48' containers have the beaver on shield herald in black and Canadian Pacific Railway in red on the sides. The shield is to the left of the text on both sides but the whole graphic is towards the rear of the container on both sides. This was a very popular container in pre-order, check it out at your dealer if you didn't order one yet.
543011 APL 20' Corrugated Container 4-Pack #543011 $21.95
Our first 20' container 4-Pack has arrived and they are hot! APL, now a subsidiary of Neptune Orient Lines, is a global transportation company. These 20' boxes are used when heavy cargoes would max out weight limits long before a 40' box would be filled. That is why they are often seen in well cars without another container on top, the two 20's have reached the weight limit for that well. There are 2 different paint schemes in the package and 4 road numbers.
1041 Rear View
Evergreen Container Chassis 2-Pack #1041 $20.95
These chassis are an eye-catching green, and check out the logo on the mud flaps! Evergreen Marine Corporation was founded on September 1, 1968. Today it boasts a fleet of over 100 container ships, ranking among the world's leading international shipping companies. Evergreen's network covers more than 80 countries in Africa, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, Europe, the Indian subcontinent, North and South America. Routes include east-west, north-south and regular feeder services.
73512 Virginian Covered Hoppers 2-Pack #73512 $29.90
This 2-pack represents the entire Virginian fleet of our 2-bay covered hoppers. The Virginian Railway was a Class I railroad located in Virginia and West Virginia created in 1907. It was nicknamed "Richest Little Railroad in the World" because of a philosophy of "paying up front for the best". The Virginian was merged into the Norfolk and Western Railway in 1959. There are 2 roadnumbers in this release, 3800 and 3801.
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