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October 2012 Deluxe Innovations New N Scale Products Shipped
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Deep Rib Woodchip Cars
Our Gunderson deep rib woodchip gondolas come in 3 variations. The prototype gondolas have 3 small braces across the top from side to side. Our model includes these braces, unfortunately the factory did not include them in the boxes. Most modelers do not install the braces, they prevent adding a load. If you do want to install then, let us know and we will send you braces painted to match your model. We offer loads (item #990413) that show the braces under the woodchips. The cars come factory-equipped with Atlas 100 ton rioller bearing trucks with Accumate® couplers
100611 Southern Woodchip Gondola
100612 Southern Woodchip Gondola with yellow stickers
Southern Railway (SOU)
Single #100311 Road Number 139496 - $19.95
2-Pack #100312 Road Numbers 139563, 139664 - $39.90
3-Pack #100313 Road Numbers 139670, 139543, 139675 - $59.85

These black woodchip cars have Southern in white billboard lettering on the sides. The "Load Wood Chips Only" stickers are in white with black letters on most of the cars but one car in each multi-pack has them with yellow backgrounds. There are a total of 6 road numbers in this run. These Southern cars have high-mounted end brake wheels.
100411 Canadian National Woodchip Car
100411 Canadien National Woodchip Car
Canadian National (CN)
Single #100411 Road Number 873605 - $19.95
2-Pack #100412 Road Numbers 873628, 873636 - $39.90
3-Pack #100413 Road Numbers 873639, 873660, 873673 - $59.85
Extra multi-pack in this road name! 4-Pack #100414
Road Numbers 873600, 873611, 873642, 873654 - $79.80

These cars have a minor but important difference on each side, the name is spelled "Canadian" on one side and "Canadien" on the other. The cars are brown with white printing and have side ratchet brakes. There are a total of 10 roadnumbers in this run.
100611 Milwaukee Road Woodchip Gondola Milwaukee Road (MILW)
Single #100611 Road number 276032 - $19.95
2-Pack #100612 Road Numbers 276053, 276108 - $39.90
3-Pack #100613 Road Numbers 276125, 276138, 276147 - $59.85

These brown woodchip cars have Wilwaukee Road in white billboard lettering on the sides. There are a total of 6 road numbers in this run. The bodies have a side-mounted brake wheel and both ends hinged.
100021 Black Dimi Data Woodchip Gondola Dimensional Data Only - Black
Single #100021 - $18.95

These black deep rib woodchip cars have dimensional data only and are ready for your favorite road's herald or logo. The cars have a side-mounted brake ratchet. All dimi data cars received this month are sold out but more are on the way.
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