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Deluxe Innovations Arrivals for November 2008
MILW Single 74311
2-Pack CNSt&P
Black ends on CMSt&P cars
Milwaukee Road 2-Bay Covered Hoppers
Single #74311, 2-Pack #74312 $17.95, 3-Pack $36.45, #74313 $55.50

This run of Milwaukee Road covered hoppers has arrived just in time for TrainFest and include our first masked ends on this body style. One car in the 2-Pack and all of the 3-Pack cars have black ends and underframe. They all come equipped with Micro-Trains Line trucks and couplers. The Milwaukee Road got its first covered hoppers by leasing 35 cars from General American in 1940. These cars carried the CMStP&P logo and GACX reporting marks, the 3-pack contains one of these cars. They were quickly renumbered into the 99000 series with MILW reporting marks but kept their logo and black ends and underframes . Repaints were all gray and had the modern The Milwaukee Road logo. This run includes 6 different road numbers.
3281 Tex 20' Corrugated Container 2-Pack #3281 $11.95
Tex is a container leasing company. They do not own any ships. 20' containers are used in place of 40' boxes when heavy cargoes would max out highway weight limits long before a 40' box would be filled. That is also why they are often seen in a stack car without another container in the top position, 2 have reached the weight limit of that well.
712301 M.S.Carriers 53- Trailer #1 #712301, Trailer #2 #712302, $14.95 each
M.S. Carriers was founded in 1978 by Michael Starnes. Operating as an irregular route carrier, the company quickly grew to become one of the largest in the nation. In 2001 they merged into Swift Transpotaion.
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