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December 2009 Deluxe Innovations New N Scale Products Shipped
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NEW BODY STYLE NOW SHIPPING! 20' Smooth Side Refrigerated Container
This new body style has been produced in conjunction with Australian dealer and manufacturer Aust-N-Rail. All sales in Australia must go through them. Undecorated 2-Pack #30001 - $9.95
Maersk 20' Reefer Container Maersk Sealand 20' Refrigerated Container 2-Pack #30011 - $12.95
In 1999, the A.P. Moller Group acquired the international container business of Sea-Land Service Inc. The business was integrated with the A.P. Moller Group companies and as part of the integration, Maersk Line changed its name to Maersk Sealand.
OOCL 20' Reefer Container OOCL 20' Refrigerated Container 2-Pack #30021 - $12.95
Orient Overseas Container Line was established in 1947 to link Hong Kong and China with the rest of the world. Until 1969, they were known as Orient Overseas Line because the container concept had not caught on until then. Today, OOCL provides container transport and logistics services through more than 230 offices in 58 countries around the world.
P&O Nedlloyd 20' Reefer Container P&O Nedlloyd 20' Refrigerated Container 2-Pack #30031 - $12.95
Netherlands-based Nedlloyd containers became a more common sight in North America after the combination of these two lines. In 2005, P&O Nedlloyd had 13,000 employees in 146 countries and operated 156 container vessels with regular calls at 219 ports in 99 countries.
ANL 20' Reefer Container ANL 20' Refrigerated Container 2-Pack #30041 - $12.95
ANL stands for Australia National Line and is predominant in Australia and New Zealand traffic. ANL specializes in moving cargo between Australia and just about anywhere. Their history dates back to 1956 with establishment of the Australian Coastal Shipping Commission and they were Government owned until 1998. Together with their parent company CMA CGM, ANL is able to offer shipping services to all destinations worldwide, including Europe, North Africa, North America and Asia. These distinctive ANL containers are seen worldwide shipping meat, fruit and vegetable products from Australia to your table.
Sinotrans 45' Corrugated Container 2-Pack #6150, $12.95 each
Sinotrans Shipping Limited of Hong Kong is one of China’s largest dry bulk shipping companies. With a self owned fleet of containers and vessels Sinotrans offers a wide variety of domestic and international shipping services. These 45 ft containers display the company’s eye catching logo.
NOKL Maxi-III NOKL ex-Rabanco Maxi-Stack III
Set 1 #211101, Set 2 #211102, $94.95 each

Northwestern Oklahoma Railroad Co. (NOKL reporting marks) is a shortline railroad operating in Woodward, Oklahoma. It provides switching services for industrial customers and interchanges with the BNSF Railway. These Maxi-IIIs were owned by Rabanco, a regional waste service company operating intermodal waste trains. The cars were patched and the NOKL reporting marks were added.
Triple Crown 10,000th RoadRailer Trailer "10,000 and Counting" Triple Crown RoadRailer Trailer #290501, $19.95 each
This is the 10,000th DuraPlate RoadRailer Trailer. It was delivered to Amtrak and was acquired by Triple Crown Services with the rest of the Amtrak fleet. We released the Amtrak version a few years ago as item #290201.
B&O Boxcar 2-Pack Car  B B&O 40' Boxcar without Roofwalk 2-Pack #130602, $43.00
These cars are from a group of 390 rebuilt cars leased by B&O from Chicago Freight Car Co. starting in 1968. They were originally built for PRR (X-43 class) nearly two decades before. B&O assigned the class number B-19 to these cars.(The single car, 139601, was delayed in production and is not ready.)
Burlington Route Gold 40' Boxcar Burlington Route Gold 40' Boxcar without Roofwalk
Single #130701 $19.95, 2-Pack #130702, $39.90

In 1966 the Burlington won the Railway Progress Institute's Golden Freight Car Award. To commemorate the event, in December 1966 the Havelock shops painted one day's output of overhauled XM-32 boxcars in gold with black lettering. Eight cars received this eye-catching scheme. There are 3 road numbers in this run.
U.P Overland boxcar Union Pacific Overland Route 40' Boxcar with Roofwalk
Single #143511 $19.95, 2-Pack #143512, $39.90

In the summer of '54, a number of UP box cars from various classes were painted with the "Overland Route" logo in addition to the standard name and slogans. This practice has been repeated over the decades. These cars were used in general service carrying everything from fabricated metal to wheat. UP continues to apply the Overland Route logo to selected cars today. There are 3 road numbers in this run.
Rosie the Riveter  Boxcar "We can do it" SP American Homefront Boxcar #240571 $29.95
This is our fifth release in the American Homefront Series of the America's Honor Collection. The "We Can Do It!" poster, showing a woman known as Rosie the Riveter, was the most popular of the World War II Home Front slogans. We have applied it to a Southern Pacific 40' boxcar. Rosie the Riveter became a cultural icon in the United States, representing the six million women who entered the workforce for the first time during World War II. The Rosie the Riveter Memorial is located in Richmond, California.
BN Shallow Rib Wood Chip Gondola Single
BN Shallow Rib Wood Chip Gondola 3-Pack Car A
Burlington Northern Shallow Rib Wood Chip Gondola
#160901 Single $20.95, #160903 3-Pack $62.85

Burlington Northern inherited hundreds of woodchip gondolas from predecessors GN, NP and SP&S, but these shallow rib cars were purchased new by the BN. Most often used to carry woodchips for making paper and partical board, these cars can also be found hauling recycled aluminum to smelters. There are 4 road numbers in this run. The single car has tiny BN logos along the sill as conspicuity stripes.

BN Shallow Rib Wood Chip Gondola 3-Pack Car B
W&P ex-SP Shallow Rib Woodchip Gondola Single, 3-Pack Cars A and C are similar
W&P ex-SP Shallow Rib Woodchip Gondola 3-Pack Car B
Willamette and Pacific (ex-SP) Shallow Rib Wood Chip Gondola
#160901 Single $20.95, #160903 3-Pack $62.85

Oregon shortline Willamette & Pacific acquired these cars from Southern Pacific. Willamette & Pacific is part of the Genesee & Wyoming family of shortlines. Traffic is primarily forest and paper products, scrap, and steel. These cars are simple patch jobs. There are 4 different road numbers in this run. It includes 2 patch variations but each car is slightly different in data placement.
SP 2-Bay Single
SP 2-Bay 2-Pack Car B, 3-Pack Car B is similar
SP 2-Bay 3-Pack Car C
Southern Pacific 2-Bay Covered Hopper, Single #71711 $18.95
2-Pack #71712 $37.90, 3-Pack #71713 $56.85

Southern Pacific acquired these cars in 1953, originally numbered 165175 to 165324. They were ultimately moved to the 400600 to 400749 series. These cars were used for a wide variety of commodities, including sand and bulk food service. SP applied a number of different paint schemes to these cars, making for a colorful history. This run includes six different road numbers.

SP 2-Bay 2-Pack Car A

SP 2-Bay 3-Pack Car A
BN 2-Bay Single BN 2-Bay Covered Hopper
Single #73811 $18.95, 3-Pack #73913 $56.85

These 1958 cubic foot covered hoppers were built in 1949 and made their way to the Burlington Northern via the Great Northern. The yellow dot in the black square was known as a U-1 Inspection Dot, and noted that the car had approved wheels, a practice deemed necessary by the FRA due to failing 33 inch wheels from a particular manufacturer. This run includes 4 different road numbers.
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