Sneak Previews
New DeLuxe Innovations Tooling In Progress
Pre-production Test Shots of the wells for the DeLuxe Gunderson Maxi IV. We are waiting for the third set of test wells. The issues on the first (shown) were solved with the second but the floor braces, thinner than the Maxi-III's, were too brittle. The third set will solve this problem.
Maxi IV test shots
Maxi IV test shots
Prefactory sample of the Maxi-Stack IV car. These cars will feature cast metal bodies, etched stainless steel platfoms, plastic brake detail and Micro-Trains Line couplers.

Here is an engineering drawing of the Triple-57 3-unit spine car. It is the NAF30A class version with a single hitch on each spine. We are also doing the version with 2 hitches per spine.

We have decorated samples of the storefronts, visit the Preproduction Photo Page to see them. The packaging is in final develpoment and the buildings should be out relatively soon.

Johnstown America 5-Unit 53' All-Purpose Spine Car
Work on the first spine (the B spine) pattern is complete. There are 3 other spines that need to be developed for us by GHQ. These cars will be cast in Brittania Pewter and will track extremely well even when empty. Each unit can carry a trailer 28' to 53' long or a container 40' to 53' long (except the A and B units which can also carry 20' containers.) They are a different and slightly earlier prototype than the spine cars recently announced by BLMA.

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