Photos of DeLuxe Products and Models
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DeLuxe is on the web in several ways. We actively participate in several discussion groups and forums to keep the information about our products flowing. During those discussions, we talk to a lot of users about their trains, projects, clubs and layouts. We LOVE it when people send us in photos of their trains in action with DeLuxe Innovations cars rolling. If you'd like to share your trains in operation, send your pictures to If you are not equipped with a digital camera or a scanner, you can send them by mail:

DeLuxe Innovations
140 Greenwood Ave. Suite 2A
Midland Park, NJ 07432

DeNNNNNNis Lloyd's
Mitsui Overseas Line 45' Variation.

DeNNNNNNis Lloyd needed 45 foot MOL (Mitsui Overseas Line) containers, so he started with the DeLuxe Innovations undecorated 45, and started painting and decalling. Nice Alligators, DeNNNNNis!

The Capital

Mark Ferracane operated his RoadRailers at the Capital Limited!

This train was run on the Capital Limited layout at the convention in Chantilly, VA. The layout was a series of loops. This train was run on the Piedmont Division section of the layout. The camera used was a Sony TRV-350 and recorded on a memory stick. The section of the layout was 10ft by 70ft long. The train was powered by 3 Kato SD-80macs, and the length of the train was over 20 ft long. I had a few people ask me what I had to do to make them run so good, it was easy. Just attach the underside details and I painted the wheels. Other than that they were straight out of the box. Well done DeLuxe!

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Hopper with
bare aluminum insides

Don Spencer added the interior brace kit and a little silver paint for this very realistic looking interior. The coal dust is a nice touch!

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