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Deluxe Innovations Maxi-Stack IV Fix-Kit Installation
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Cars from the first run of Maxi-Stack IVs may exhibit problems with the end trucks. Most often the problem is rotation of the truck being limited causing possible derailments when entering a curve. The cars are tested down to a 12" minimum radius so if your car is having problems running into or through a curve at or wider than the suggested minimum this Fix-Kit should solve the problem. The Maxi-IV Fix-Kit consists of six (6) etched brass washers. There are two (2) large washers and four (4) small washers for each car. One large washer goes under the truck, around the mounting post. Two washers go under each truck screw. Please refer to the illustration below.


Prepare your Fix-Kit by removing the washer from the sprues using a cutter made for etched metal parts or a fine tipped wire cutter. Note that cutters made for plastic parts may be damaged attempting to cut brass. Each of the washers is attached to other washers in the kit. The connection sprues are etched thinner than the parts for easier removal. Be sure to remove the entire sprue, you may have to clip both ends. Care should be taken to remove the clippings from your work area as they could be harmful if picked up in locomotive gears. If your cuts are close enough to the washers, no further dressing will be needed. If necessary you can file a burr down with a track file. Check the small washers for excess material before installing them. Their fit is more critical because both the inside and outside surfaces must rotate smoothly in the truck assembly.

Begin by placing your A and B wells upside down on a container to protect the detail parts. Remove the platform end truck mounting screw using a fine (#00) Phillips head screwdriver and set it aside. Be careful not to lose the screw. The factory did not provide us with any spare parts despite our request, replacements are not available. Now remove the truck. You will see a brass washer around the truck mounting post, leave it in place. Place one additional large washer over the truck mounting post. Be sure it seats fully on the existing washer. Dress the cut if needed. Replace the truck on the mounting post. Now place two (2) of the small washers inside the truck's bolster hole on the mounting surface of the post. Visually check that they seat well, dress the cuts if needed. Set the truck screw into the washers and fasten to the mounting post until snug. The truck should move freely (rotate) from side to side. Complete repairs to the A and B wells then test run your car. It should roll well and negotiate curves down to 12" radius without any problems. It is sometimes necessary to remove the mud flaps to resolve the clearance issues. Factory placement can be off just enough so that the wheel flange contacts the mud flap. Note that we have tested some cars down to a 9 " radius but due to variations in assembly we can only recommend a minimum radius of 12" curves.

This is a precision model and is not intended for use by children under 14 years of age

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