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Deluxe Innovations Maxi-Stack IV Mud Flap Installation

The mud flaps for the platform ends of the A and B wells are included in the box in a small plastic bag. These parts were sometimes interfereing with the wheel flanges on curves of less than a 14" radius thus causing derailments. While it was not a consistent problem, the decision was made to leave the parts off to avoid any problems. Running the cars loaded, you will probbly not even notice that the mudflaps are not in place. Customer who want to run their cars empty can easily install the mud flaps.

You'll need CA - cyanoacrylate glue - and a pair of tweezers, foreceps or fine needle nose pliers to install the mud flaps. You may also need a magnifier or some sort. Be very careful when working on your Maxi-Stack IV. Many of the details are very fragile and can easily be knocked off. Start out by placing the well on a piece of foam or other soft surface to help prevent it from rolling away. Take a look at the mudflap in other end of the well. The mud flaps you are installing will be placed in a similar way.

Mudflap Position DiagramMudflap Contact Points

Put a small drop of glue at each of the 4 contact points on the mud flaps - the ends and the tabs on each flap - as shown above. Place the part into the well and seat it at the mounting points. Be sure the lower mounting tabs are not too far forward on the cross brace, there is a step in each tab to help locate them in the correct place.

This is a precision model and is not intended for use by children under 14 years of age

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