Kaje Transport and KLLM:
Reefer Unit

9060 Kaje Transport and 9050 KLLM 48' Containers with Refrigerator Unit
First remove the floor by inserting a blade between the back end of the container and the floor and prying up. DO NOT TRY TO PRY IT OUT FROM THE SIDE. Using a sharp hobby knife, cut out the front of the container flush with the sides and roof. Use the photo as a guide. There will be a narrow band of plastic remaining at the bottom. If you are more comfortable removing that strip along with the rest of the front end, then trimming it off the discarded piece and gluing it back on the container is allowed.

Now you must trim the sides of the floor casting. Remove at least .175" of the side "fenders" flush with the floor on the front end. Now install the resin reefer unit so the fuel tank and grill are flush with the corner posts. If you like, paint the unit white. The fuel tanks are often silver and the intake grills weather black. Now re-install the floor and it's ready for the stack train!

CH Robinson:

9070 CH Robinson 48' "Top Position Only" Container with Refrigerator Unit
Kits CH Robinson is a major player in the temperature controlled cargo business in North America . These Containers specify loading in Top Position Only because the protruding reefer unit would be destroyed if placed in the lower position of 48ft or shorter well cars. Unlike our previous 48 ft reefer releases there’s no cutting involved here, just glue the reefer unit to the nose.