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#390 Building Detail Set Building Detail Set #390 $4.95
This set has many details for our Armco building or any building project you're working on. Includes an A/C unit, a gas meter, an electric meter, a phone box, a vent pipe, a sprinkler standpipe, a vent fan, a personnel door, a closed 8' roll-up door, a roll-up door frame with separate door and a door opener mechanism.
#391 Meters and Pipes Meters and Pipes #391 $2.50
Includes 2 gas meters, 2 electric meters, 2 phone boxes, 2 vent pipes and 2 sprinkler standpipes.
#392 8' Rollup Doors 8' Roll-up Doors - $2.95 Each

8' Roll-up Doors - Assortment #392
Package contains 2 closed 8' roll-up doors, 2 roll-up door frames with 2 separate doors and 2 door opener mechanisms.
8' Roll-up Doors - Closed #396
Package contains 6 closed 8' roll-up doors.
8' Door Frames with Mechanism #397
Package contains 6 open 8' door frames (without doors) and 6 door opener mechanisms. This set is ideal for modeling open doorways or to add your own door panel with styrene.
#393 Personnel Door Personnel Doors #393 $2.50
Two personnel (entry/exit) doors in the closed position are included.
#394 A/C Unit A/C Units #394 $2.50
Includes 2 Air Conditioner units with fame and brackets (all 1 piece) which mount on a wall without any opening needed. Frame simulates the window the unit sits in.
#395 Wall Vent Fan Wall Vent Fans #395 $2.50
Package includes 2 square wall mounted vent fans.

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