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N Scale Storage Boxes
Our UnitPak® Storage Sustem boxes are all 11-1/4 inches square and 1-1/2 inch deep. We use high-grade electronics foam that is specially selected for longevity and is gentle on your trains. It will not interact with apint or printing either. Our Twin Tub coal gondolas and RoadRailer trailers come in 10-packs which use the UnitPak® box.

FreightPak® Freight Car Storage Box #990700 $10.95

The FreightPak® foam lined box is specially designed to hold N scale cars up to 60' long. Just tear out the perforated sections of foam to the length you need. There is even a removable strip across the top of each slot for taller cars. The two bottom slots are perforated all the way across so items up to 135' long will fit. Has 14 nests for freight cars.


PassengerPak® Freight Car Storage Box #990750 $10.95

This version of our popular UnitPak® foam lined box is specially designed to accommodate longer N scale cars. Just tear out the perforated sections of foam to the length you need. There is even a removable strip across the top of each slot for high level cars. The two vertical slots are perforated for virtually any length of car or locomotive. The DeLuxe PassengerPak® is perfect for passenger trains and auto parts box cars. Holds up to 9 cars.

RackPak® Box

RackPak® Auto-Rack Storage Box #990740 $10.95

This new addition to our UnitPak® line is specially designed to hold enclosed auto-racks from Con-Cor, Micro-Trains Line and Red Caboose. The RackPak® will hold up to 7 high-cube 89' cars.

We use high quality electronics grade, non-degradable foam in our storage boxes. The inside is about 11 inches square. The DeLuxe UnitPak® boxes fit in standard office file boxes or milk crates for easy toting or storage. They even have spaces on the outside to list their contents.

UnitPak Foam®-Empty

FreightPak® Box Foam "nests" with some sections removed

This photo illustrates how you form "nests" in the foam by pulling out the die-cut pieces. Be sure to save the pieces you remove, they can be used later if you want to place a shorter (lenghth or height) car in the box as shown in the 2 lower right nests. They are also handy for other applications where you need a piece of high-quality padding, such as a locomotive box if you've added detail parts.

UnitPak Foam®-Loaded

FreightPak® Box loaded with various freight cars

Here you can see how the box loads. Using the pieces removed from another nest, you can shorten the opening and fit cars as short as Beer Cans or Ore Jimmies. The longest car the FreightPak® Box holds in the paired nests is about 60', just enough for our wood chip gondolas. The connection between the bottom pair of nests is removable to hold items up to 135 scale feet long, perfect for a steam engine with tender.

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