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Deluxe Innovations Containers Part 2
N Scale Products
53' Corrugated Containers

Domestic 53' Corrugated Containers - Page Coming Soon

These containers are now the backbone of the domestic fleet. We've already got many schemes done and there are more to come. Avaialble in 2- and 5-packs plus that rare single.

45' Corrugated Containers

45' ISO Corrugated Containers - Page Coming Soon

The largest ISO standard container is the 45 footer. The model is a high cube with that extra foot of height so be sure your layout has good clearances before double-stacking them. You will notice that this container has a set op posts with IBCs (Inter-Box Connectors) at the 40 foot location. This is to facilitated stacking them with 40 foot containers. Available in 2-packs.

40' Hi-Cube Containers

40' ISO High Cube Corrugated Containers - Page Coming Soon

These containers are still ISO standard but they are a foot higher and known as "Hi-Cube" containers. Available in 2- and 5-packs.

20' Tanktainers

20' ISO Tanktainers - Page Coming Soon

Desinged for carrying bulk commodities or liquids, these so-called "Tanktainers" are also ISO standard containers. Available in 2-packs.

Container Chassis

Container Chassis

We offer a 40' container chassis model. It is sold in 2-packs in both kit form and decorated and fully assembled. Browse our selection of container chassis 2-packs.

Rolling Stock

Also visit our Intermodal Cars page

Browse our differet styles of intermodal cars. We've got Twin-Stacks, Maxi-Stacks and Lo-Pacs to double stack your fleet of containers.

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